Thursday, February 16, 2023

Were it not for Isaac Woodard, there’d be no Brown v. Board --The beginning of the end of Separate but Equal in America

The Professor, @William Spivey, at wrote a helluva piece on Isaac Woodard here, Fam. Please do read it! It’ll help you understand what came after that brutal beating.

Watch this PBS movie about Mr. Woodard — “The Blinding of Isaac Woodard,” — it expires 2/28, so hurry up! If you read this later than that, you can see it here on YouTube with an interesting discussion as well:


My mother’s best friend — Miss Dora — worked for the Waring family as a “domestic” for a large part of her life and mine. As a matter of fact, I think she still works for them off and on, on occasion. I remember finallywatching “The Help,” and after Viola Davis saying she’d not liked playing the part of Abilene, I was more than a little warm about that shit — just cuz I saw and grew up with Black women who did this work, that were heretofore a soft place to land for many of our families — both Black and white (hell, Ms. Dora put four kids through HBCUs on that shit!).

Here’s an interesting further discussion…(interesting how throwing around that whole racial reckoning bullshit, but not meaning a damned thing about it, produces not a damned thing, no?)

Thurgood was the Ben Crump of his day — I’m so damned happy he was!

Saturday, January 14, 2023

John Mark Dougan speaks to Andrey Kior from Mariupol

If we continue to listen to the propaganda of the presstitute media, we, in the West — will continue to suck in, and then parrot the untruths they spew. Here, we get another side of the story:
Our government is FULLY supporting a Nazi regime in Ukraine, Family. And while Jews here condemn Kanye West and Kyrie Irving as the worst of the worst anti-Semites — they avert their eyes and support, the worst anti-Semites in their history and their present. Hypocrites all! 

Western media keeps braying, “There are no Nazis in Ukraine!” They say it’s impossible because Zelensky is a Jew — miss me with that bullshit! There’s so much evidence to the contrary, if one really wants to know. So why don’t they want to know the truth? Because if they faced it, they’d have to admit the gazillions of dollars and weapons the U.S. government and its allies have, and continue to funnel into Ukraine — is in support of everything they claim to stand against. They’d have to admit all their performative bullshit against the Neo-nazis here in this country is just that — bullshit. 

And given how the U.S. treated Jews seeking asylum after World War II, I really don’t see why they’re perpetrating this fraud. What I think I do see, is why the Jews in our government go along with this shit. All I can think is, “Revenge is a dish best served, cold.” Too conspiratorial? Maybe. But you need to explain to me why they’re thumpin’ these non-powerful Black guys, all while powerful America’s supporting folk who killed their ancestors and their progeny.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Dr. King still relevant -- proving we haven’t learned shit

Prescient, is all I can say about this man whose voice thundered over the propaganda machine that was, and still is our presstitute media. That’s why they murdered him.
“When we think scientific power outruns moral power, we end up with guided missiles and misguided men."
He sure didn’t lie there! Even though he was talking about Vietnam, it still applies up to, and including today. Look at how those “misguided men,” leaning on “scientific power” lied this country into Iraq, Afghanistan and now Ukraine. 

I see no signs of them, or things changing unless we the people make it so.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

I just witnessed the worst piece of political theatre I’ve ever seen in my damned life! And that’s after Obama! Speaks volumes of the bullshittery, No?

Maybe I’m just an old-head but, Chi-i-i-le, I’m sitting here listening to this, “We-didn’t-want-your-ass-for-15-ballots" Kevin McCarthy — giving his damned acceptance speech as Speaker of the House of Representatives. I’m just shakin’ my damned head, Fam.

Some folk have no shame. Does he not realize that we ALL watched (well, us old, retired folk with nothing else to do, at least) — this dog-n-pony show going on? What was it for? To get to this? To get to you??!!

What a f*ckin’ performance. From Hakeem Jeffries’ wanna-come-off-like-Obama, self-serving nod to Pelosi (under the guise of his, “Here I am for 2028, folks!), to Kevin’s, George Washington crossing the Delaware, Abe Lincoln diatribe and then rounding it up with the family — nothin’ but performance.

We’re pawns, Fam — pawns in both their performative games of power. All that rote, patriotic bullshit is just that — bullshit. Unless and until we use what little power we have left to get rid of these performers, there’ll be more little Kevins, or Obamas, whichever comes first (and it’ll be either/or — since there’s only TWO parties).

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Greg Abbott can’t feel his legs — nor apparently, his heart


Wish I could say I’m surprised HIS second chance mattered, but others’ do not — but I can’t. 

He talks about being faced with being literally “at death’s door.” He talks about the lessons he learned to apply to all of his life — “the lessons of perseverance and never, ever, giving up.”  He also talks a good game about how “our lives aren’t defined by our challenges, but how we respond to those challenges.”

Greg, all of that shit sounds real good when you’re running for office and trying to bullshit “we the people,” (you did get some of them — hook, line and sinker though). Apparently, you seem to think only white folk have those feelings, those desires; that the immigrants at the border don’t feel those same feelings. Has it ever occurred to you that, that is the damned reason they KEEP COMING?? That their “perseverance and never, ever giving up” is what drives them, just like you???

And while you and your wife adopted your daughter, Audrey, who you say brought you so much joy when they handed her to you first, and since — have you ever thought about the women who felt that same joy the minute they actually, physically gave birth to their children, after having carried and delivered them into de facto captivity? How about their daddies, who never got to feel that same joy you felt — at all. Lucky, Audrey is all you got to say about that, I guess.

“Tio Greg,” as one of your nieces called you in one of your patronizing-as-hayell, election ads in Texas — you ain’t shit. You sent three busloads of HUMAN BEINGS into the freezing cold of Washington, DC, with neither warm clothes, nor prior notice — in a dick-measuring contest??!! You.ain’t.shit!

I don’t believe in white Jesus, but I do believe in karma. And that second chance you got that your supposedly-Christian ass keeps ignoring and refusing to pay forward — will catch up to you and not in a good way. I just hope I’m alive to see it.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Amber Ruffin nails the ICWA fight -- and Deb Haaland speaks, for herself and her people

Family, while the Supremes marinate on the constitutionality of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), I want to share how this young, Sister is s-o-o-o-o f*ckin’ on point about what this is really about. Please listen, enjoy and understand why Brackeen v. Haaland is white supremacy’s latest attempt at killing the “Indian,” and most importantly — why.

This past May, four days after I watched my beautiful sister-in-law dying, I took a break from the family mourning and went back to the hotel room, clicking through the channels looking for something to take my mind off what I was feeling. Luckily, I witnessed Deb Haaland on CSPAN, telling of another trauma long ignored, not only in this country, but wherever else white savages reigned (yeah I called y’alls ass the SAVAGES for a change!, cuz that’s what the hell you were and many of you STILL ARE). And painful as it was to hear, I felt so damned PROUD of this Warrior Woman — speaking truth to power and STANDING UP for her people (unlike you, Barry). Do listen Family, as she shows what a REAL leader looks like:
And yes, I am more than well aware of the fact that, Native Americans also enslaved Africans. All I have to say about that is, when you’re taught to punch down — you do.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Think Cultural appropriation’s bad? Try Cultural misappropriation and see how the hell you feel! How “Come by ya” became “Kumbaya,” and other white fuckery

This, is a serious nit I need to pick, more with my Black Fam than white folk (since stealing and distorting our culture often, and even with our help, is the norm — especially these days). But you guys? You non-boulĂ© folk who’ve not been compromised? SOME of you should know, or at least learn better. And the rest of y’all boulĂ© folk — cut this shit out!

“Come By Ya” (in the Gullah patois of my birth) is in NO WAY a feel-good, folk “camp song” born of some African language (well it wasn’t until white folk chose to steal and rework it that way, that is) — nor is it this JOKE of a touchy-feely, white misappropriation they like to throw around, based on their own white fuckery.

“Come By Ya” was a F*CKIN’ LAMENT of the enslaved Black folk of the Georgia and South Carolina Sea Islands. It was a pained entreaty, a cry for help — TO.WHITE.JESUS (with whom they’d been deeply indoctrinated) — for spiritual, physical and emotional rescue, from the HORRORS inflicted upon them by those same Bible-thumpin’, so-called Christian, white folk, who’d brought them to Him in the first place!
I’m here to tell you Fam — indoctrination soaked in naked terror really works!

 I was born and raised in Charleston, SC 66 seasons ago. My family are Gullah people born & raised on Edisto Island, a Sea Island not far from the city proper. My maternal grandmother and grandfather were born in 1908 and 1913 respectively. And from her Black Methodist church, to his Black Baptist church, I learned this old, Negro spiritual at both their knees, led by the oldest member of the congregation — my entire, damned life!

The last time I heard and sang it, was at my younger, first cousin, Rhonda’s funeral in January 2018. Held at my grandfather’s church on the Island (at which Mother Emanuel’s new pastor, Rev. Eric C.S. Manning spoke), it was appropriately, the Benediction selection because at that moment, we were all “singin’, cryin’ and needin’ rescue and relief from the pain her death wrought. I remember thinking to myself, “These damed folk, with no damned knowledge of how we, the descendants of formerly enslaved people lived and believed, had bastardized something that for us, meant a soothing — a Balm in Gilead.”

I’ve long since stopped believing in white Jesus but, I’ll NEVER stop loving those spirituals that, over my lifetime, have always made me feel whole and connected to my people.

As usual though, white folk keep trying to take credit for “discovering it” (like that lost-assed Christopher Columbus) or in fact, writing it. From the Library of Congress (please do click on the player and listen to the 1926 song, sung by Henry Wylie of Darien, GA of McIntosh County) and as you read, notice where this white guy claims he got this from):

Kumbaya: History of an Old Song

I am so sick and damned tired of white folk’s first, appropriation, then misappropriation of something that means the world to me. And worse, I’m equally sick and tired of supposedly “educated” Black folk using “Kumbaya” in the same way! Our stories and voices have long been stolen and used to fit the white gaze, so much so that even Black folk don’t have a damned clue of the origins of the words they speak, let alone their meanings and their history— even though we should! But, as Zora taught, “All my skinfolk ain’t my kinfolk.” 

Since the days of slavery, White supremacy hates the not-knowing (which is why the MAGA folk always blow their tops when they hear someone speaking a language they don’t know). And while it’s mostly true the slavers erased our languages and forbade us to speak them, they were sh*t out of luck when it came to my Gullah/Geechee people of the Sea Islands of SC and GA. And because they were SOL, we had Harriett Tubman, Denmark Vesey and The Stono Rebellion just to name a few. But they’re hip to it now and, as usual, under the guise of “helping” (that whole “White Savior” thing) they’ve got a plan to make sure it never happens again. Hell, even Yale’s got their fingers in the Gullah honeypot!
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