Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jena 6 Update (written 9/14/07)

Listening to the Michael Baisden Show and it was announced that Mychal Bell's conviction in adult court has been thrown out and sent back to juvenile court!!!! His attorneys are now confident that they can get justice and freedom for Mychal and all the Jena 6! I am certain the galvanizing of the masses from ALL corners of the nation played a huge part in this outcome. It's amazing when people of conscience, from all races, come together and speak truth to power and stand up for what is right!!! Congratulations everyone - Alan Bean and the Friends of Justice, The BBC, The Chicago Tribune, Amy Goodman, Al Sharpton, Michael Baisden, Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, the list goes on and on - but I am most proud of the massess who responded when called upon to WAKE UP from being asleep at the wheel for such a long, long time. Let's keep it going!

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