Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We've Got Justice Now


Anonymous said...

Listen; In all due respect.

Blacks bring much of the racism on themselves. Just look at the stats on violent and other types of crimes and one sees predominately blacks/Hispanic violators. Recently a poll showed blacks are 5 times more apt to be in prison than whites, are you able to guess why?...and the reason has nothing to do with racism, it has to do with black culture. Nooses hung in hate are wrong but so too is are the murders and muggings of whites by blacks.

Look closely at the Jena incident and one sees 6 blacks beating one white that had nothing to do with any noose. Racism is a two way street, many black families teach their young children to hate the white man...The "devil"

I don't particularly like blacks not because of their color but because of their nasty attitudes and crime related activities.

Keep playing the "race card" and America will see more aggressive hate crimes and perhaps even an all out race war.

Deb said...

Been "out-of-pocket" for awhile but I saved your comment. First, let me thank you for your gesture of respect, despite the fact that one could hear the thump of the proverbial "BUT" within moments of your "with all due respect."

Your "Blacks bring much of the racism on themselves." comment speaks volumes. It's kind of like saying, "If she didn't talk back to me, it wouldn't have happened." No danger of any personal responsibility there.

With all due respect, your stats are simply a means for some people to justify racism. I can't let you off that easy! Oklahoma City was violent. Columbine was violent. Jeffrey Daumer was violent. John Wayne Gayce was violent. Ted Bundy was violent. The Green River killer was violent. I can go on if you like. The murders and muggings of anyone is wrong. Why is it that you only mention the murders of whites?

Racism is neither by definition nor practice a two-way street. Whites have the definite advantage! The most important component of this particular "ism" is the POWER to wield your particular feelings of inherent superiority. And as far as teaching Black children to hate whites, I don't know where that came from. Did I, Deb (because I'm not the boss of the entire Black race) teach my sons to hate whites? Absolutely not. That'd mean hating their father. Did I have to teach them there are two Americas? Absolutely! Was I pissed that I had to teach them how to put their hands on the steering wheel and be "Yassuh boss" polite if ever pulled over, particularly by a white cop? You bet. Did I hate making sure, as they dated white girls, they knew with whom they were dealing lest they be accused of something horrific that would lay waste to their young lives? Without a doubt

Whether you like Blacks or not is up to you. I am not diminished by the fact that you don't. Nasty attitudes and criminal behavior are not the sole purview of the Black community, they abound in all races - sometimes wearing an Armani suit and driving a Mercedes Benz even. Imagine that??!! If those are your only reasons, I feel sad for you.

As to the "race card" comment, Tim Wise, a white, well-respected anti-racist writer and educator, addressed this better than I ever could in his essay, "What Kind of Card is Race? The Absurdity (and Consistency) of White Denial." He said, "First, by noting that the regularity with which whites respond to charges of racism by calling said charges a ploy, suggests that the race card is, at best, equivalent to the two of diamonds. In other words, it's not much of a card to play, calling into question why anyone would play it (as if it were really going to get them somewhere). Second, I pointed out that white reluctance to acknowledge racism isn't new, and it isn't something that manifests only in situations where the racial aspect of an incident is arguable. Fact is, whites have always doubted claims of racism at the time they were being made, no matter how strong the evidence...Finally, I concluded by suggesting that whatever "card" claims of racism may prove to be for the black and brown, the denial card is far and away the trump, and whites play it regularly...In short, and let us be clear on it: race is not a card. It determines who the dealer is, and who gets dealt"

Your suggestion of "an all out race war" seems a veiled threat, but I assure it doesn't scare me. I liken it to the kid who throws the rock and then hides his hand.

Thanks for reading the blog. Hope it enlightens in some small way.

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