Monday, November 12, 2007

Baisden - Cannibalism Defined

I was sitting up reading last night with the TV on and heard a character on "Dexter" say a piece of sculpture she'd just created was a representation of the way "we consume one another to feed our own needs." When I looked up, it was a dark metal piece depicting human bodies in various stages of what can only be described as cannibalism. I thought of Michael Baisden and said out loud to nobody in particular, "How appropriate." Marcus Jones was merely a pawn - a greedy one it seems, but a pawn nevertheless. Baisden's using him as a shield against a possible civil suit was just another form of consumption. Michael Baisden certainly knew who the Friends of Justice were since September 10th. I know that for a fact. He knew they were there long before he and the cavalry showed up. But that was the problem. He couldn't get his "needs" met if he had to share the limelight with people who knew way more about the Jena 6 than he did. The sad part about it all is his contribution was so enough in and of itself. We, at least I did, appreciated immensely his spreading the word and mobilizing the masses in a way that the Friends of Justice would not have ever been able to do alone. But he obviously didn't feel that or he wouldn't have sunk to such depths. Black people, for the most part, will continue to not hold him accountable for his bad behavior (celebrity tends to make our eyes glaze over like that sometimes) and chide those of us who won't let it go - for the sake of the "movement." But, as is my prerogative, I will do neither. I will hold him accountable in my own way and while I will not blog about it anymore, I will not let it go in my head nor my heart - precisely for the sake of the "movement." I believe people always show themselves to you, you must just be able to recognize them when you see them so letting it go is not an option. America is, indeed, an exceedingly consumptive society - one in which "wants" seem to supplant "needs" at the expense of integrity, honesty and the greater good. Materialism and all the gory, little ogres to whom it gives birth will end up consuming us all if we don't wake the hell up.

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