Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Ohio Debate - Men Still Behaving Badly

Watching the Democratic debate in Ohio, I could not help but think, "Here we go again, yet another exercise in men behaving badly." I don't know why, but I expected better of Brian Williams. Tim Russert, not so much - though he did surprise me in appearing to break up the media "love fest" by asking Sen. Obama a couple pointed questions - never mind the answers were predictable. What was with all the video clips of Sen. Clinton? Could they at least have shown an equal amount of Sen. Obama? They seemed to intentionally present them to evoke an image of a woman too "temperamental," rather than one who'd reacted honestly to some political machinations by the Obama campaign. While the moderators gave Sen. Obama more than ample time to eloquently dodge the Minister Farrakhan question until Sen. Clinton momentarily backed him into a corner (with a wink and a nod, he finally "rejected" the minister's endorsement, reassuring the Jewish community he was no under-cover anti-Semite), they repeatedly cut Sen. Clinton off time and time again, particularly during her health care explanations on which she is head-and-shoulders above the senator from Illinois. Luckily for Sen. Obama, there are far less people concerned with appearing sexist in this country than appearing racist.

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