Saturday, April 5, 2008

RIP Ashley Morris - Wish I Hadda Known You

As I read my weekly "FeedBlitz" update today, I didn't know. I didn't get it. I'd only known him through his contributions to "Ashley Morris: the blog" and "Got that new package." What a spirit! My prayers and protection to his wife and young ones. I will keep his blog on my blog roll because he was my kind of man! Alan Gutierrez paid such a tribute to Ashley today and it never occurred to me why (too tied up in my own shit, if I'm honest). Like Alan, I've decided. I don't really care what is thought of me (okay, I never really cared.). As in Ashley's "FYYFF" post, walk in my damn shoes. People like Ashley were part of why I felt I had to go to NOLA the first time - and why I went back again. I had no "real" money to donate to schools or hospitals or anything - just me - and a proud heart that understood. I gave what I could and I'm so damned glad I did. Ashley had a proud heart too - strong, vocal and unapologetic. The love for his city was alive and palpable. It made me jealous and wanting sometimes. He loved and believed not only in the "rightness of the thing," but he believed in being FROM somewhere, FROM something. For that, there's a place in my heart for him always. He touched a lot of damn people, make no mistake! To Hana - take care Chere.

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