Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Edwards endorses Obama: The "third person" decides not to -"Hold on"

Right after the Walmart left-hook and just before the Rezko upper-cut in the sandbox that was the South Carolina debate, this exchange occurred: CLINTON: Now, wait a minute. Wolf, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Just a minute. BLITZER: Senator Edwards, let them wrap up. Then I'm going to come to you. Yes? CLINTON: I just want -- I just to clarify -- I want to clarify the record. Wait a minute. EDWARDS: There's a third person in this debate. BLITZER: Wait a minute, Senator Edwards. Hold on. Guess Edwards decided not to wait for Wolf to come back to him. Let's be clear, the endorsement by John Edwards today in Michigan of all places (guess the boys wanted to kick some dirt in Hill's face) was just more political-strategy-as-usual by the Obama campaign. It was obviously pre-planned and perfectly timed to marginalize Sen. Clinton's huge win in West Virginia. Am I disappointed? Yes. Because he endorsed Obama? Absolutely not. As has been the case through this never-ending primary, I didn't care who would receive his endorsement. It was honorable enough for me that he was letting it run its course giving no weight to either side until the nominee was chosen. I'm disappointed he didn't keep his word after having done so for all this time. He'd just told Larry King, no less than 48 hours before delivering his rousing, 2o-minute "Yes We Can/He Picked My Plan" speech, he was going to hold his endorsement until the voters had their say! As I sat listening, all I could do was shake my head and say, "Is there anyone who can resist the lure of power, privilege, prestige and public adoration?" Immediately, as if in answer to my question, Lauryn Hill's "Mr. Intentional" popped into my head: "All their talk is seasoned to perfection/The road they walk commanding your affection/They need to be needed, deceived by motivation, an opportunity to further situation/Why they're so important is without explanation/Please don't patronize me, Mr. Intentional…" Two glaringly apparent reasons for his "pouring forth" NOW, come to mind:
  1. Obama made an offer Edwards' male ego could not refuse ("an opportunity to further situation" maybe? - damn I love Lauryn Hill!). I don't know, but I could swear the "We" I heard every time he talked about what was going to happen in this country, was more of a "He and I we" and not an "All of us we." But I could be wrong.
  2. This was his "I bet you'll pay attention to me now dammit!" moment - particularly since yesterday, he launched his "Half In Ten" anti-poverty campaign and with the exception of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the major mainstream media outlets gave it no coverage - ignoring it, pretty much as they'd ignored him during his campaign.

Oh well, can't always be the best judge of character.

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