Friday, June 20, 2008

Now, we're re-e-e-ally "Off To See the Wizard"

I'd decided to post less about the campaign because I'm just worn the hell out with all the double-talking bullshit. But Glenn Greenwald kicked me in the shins and I had to post this. As I've been told that I am long-winded (like I didn't already know that!), I'm only saying what I said to Glenn regarding his, "Obama, telecoms and the Beltway system" article.
Bravo Glenn!!! I've seen no one more dogged than you in covering this FISA sham by the HPIC (Head Party In Charge)!!! Oh, and to your question, "Has anybody seen Obama?" and your statement, "Several readers have emailed to say that they called the Obama campaign and were told that Obama and his staff are "literally reviewing the bill right now and will make a statement shortly." - not to worry, just like no flag pin, now flag pin/Rev. Wright & Trinity, no Rev. Wright & Trinity/NAFTA, no NAFTA/Hamas, No Hamas, etc., etc., etc. - the senator from Illinois and his crew will hold their finger up, test which way the wind is blowing and comment accordingly - I promise you ( remember, the goal is the first Black president, period)! He didn't move most of the DNC OPS to Chicago for nothing! The Daleys are seasoned in this kind of two-step! But I think you may have put his proverbial "ass in a sling" by pointing out his support of Barrow over Thomas. I'm not laying any bets, but I guarantee "Orator the Great" will come up with something that at least sounds a little more coherent than Pelosi's babble. And if he doesn't? Oh well. Now that he's anointed and the presidency is in the grasp, nobody will really hear what he is or isn't saying anyway.


Kitty Glendower said...

Don't you just love the gift of unringing the bell after it has been rung. It's magic I tell you, MAGIC!

Deb said...

And who better to perform the trick than the Wizard himself!! Even though I know this will be yet another exercise of "like water rolling off a duck's back," I'm glad Greenwald put the information out there so there can be no "What? I did't know that!" later.

And kitty, that's one of the reasons why we - me and you - write too. I see it as a win-win situation (YES, cash in the equation would be nice - it'll come though).

Writing teaches me new, interesting and useful information that I can pass on to educate, inspire, entertain and/or comfort others, which in turn, brings back questions and answers full of new, interesting and useful information to educate, inspire, entertain and/or comfort me! The circle of knowing remains, not only unbroken, but empowering for each of us - if that makes any sense! :-)

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm gettin' my damn buttered, Orville Redenbacher ready for the Obama show that's surely to come on this FISA mess!

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