Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Unified Democratic Party?

Sorry Sen. Clinton, as much as I respect you and bask in the pride of your ardent effort to secure equal rights for women, just as Blacks are not a monlith - neither are women. This Black woman, after some consternation, decided to vote for you after following the primaries and doing my homework. The Democratic Party has done the unthinkable in a "democracy" (and I use that term loosely) in the way they schemed and appropriated the delegates for Mr. Obama, some of which he did not even earn, not to mention the total discounting of the Florida poplular vote, barring all attempts at a revote.

I come from a long line of Black Democrats and have been one since the age of 21 when I didn't really know any better. I am now 52. I voted for Bill Clinton twice because he got it - "It's the Economy Stupid!" - my favorite election season chant!

I have submitted my applicaton to switch from Democrat to Independent and I'll write in my choice or vote for the Green candidate before I vote for Sen. Obama. I'm not a "lock-stepper." I choose, based on my own observations, needs and beliefs. If he wins, more POWER to him, but woe is the America that will be subjected to his puppeteers' decisions because of his lack of experience.

God bless you. I know you'll be just fine. I will follow your work and if 2012 is an option, I will "work my heart out for you" because you've proven your mettle, to me - and I was a doubter! If I miss the chance to "write the next chapter in America's story" - so be it.

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