Monday, July 21, 2008

PUMA, Just Say No Deal - "American Tank Man?"

Courtesy of my homegirl Sugar over at Sugar N Spice: Announcing: PUMA CONFERENCE 2008Marriott Wardman Hotel Washington, D.C. August 8 – 10, 2008 Dear PUMAs,
The 2008 PUMA Conference Committee is ready to ROAR with these incredible conference deals! For the amazing (and we mean that sincerely) price of $250, you will receive the following:
  • Lodging at a FIVE STAR hotel – the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C. for THREE nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
  • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Lunch on Saturday.
  • AND it also includes the price of the conference itself.

Mind boggling, crazy good isn’t it?

Registration opened (Sun., July 20th) at 12noon PST at:


After the first 250 people register at the $250 price, IT IS GONE. As we are under tight time constraints with the hotel for numbers and commitment at this time, once you register there will be NO refunds. (Please reread that sentence before you register.)

  1. 1. YES we have a registration offer if you’re local or not planning to stay at the hotel. If you would like to attend without the hotel room, the price is $150 (or if you aren’t one of the first 250 to register).
  2. YES we welcome vendors. If you would like to have a “vendor table,” you may do so (we reserve the right to determine if your organization is a good fit). We have 30 slots open for $100 per table.
  3. YES we need sponsors. If you’re interested, please email us immediately at
  4. YES you will have an opportunity to volunteer – you can do so during the registration process.
  5. YES we are still working on how folks can participate via the internet and radio. Details will follow late next week.
Email us with any questions at

READY? So are we! Meet you in D.C!

PUMA Conference Committee Will Bower & Deb Barnes/PUMA

Felt it was my duty to spread the word!


Sugar said...

Great picture! May come to that. lol

Deb said...

Thanx! We can only hope! But you know Tank Man in the picture was only able to stop them briefly before they rolled on into Tiananmen Square and wreaked all that havoc!

Just had to be real and throw that in. :-(

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

I heard that student has been missing ever since.

I wish I could attend this, but I cannot. Gawd, I wish the election would come already so Obama can lose and sit his ass down somewhere. It's not like Brazile or Dean have ever had any winners.

Deb said...

Yeah after that, I'd be MIA too!

I'm not registering right now, but I may try to go. I'm moving up there in a couple weeks, so it might be doable (I made a big decision lately!).

You and me both, Kitty, only I'm not so sure he's going to lose. But you're right, neither Donna nor Dean ever had a damn win!

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