Monday, November 17, 2008

Another little "media thing"

Here's an interesting article I read today on "Obama Wrote Federal Staffers About His Goals." It begins: "In wooing federal employee votes on the eve of the election, Barack Obama wrote a series of letters to workers that offer detailed descriptions of how he intends to add muscle to specific government programs, give new power to bureaucrats and roll back some Bush administration policies." (emphasis mine) The piece doesn't give the date the letters were written so I don't know exactly what "eve of the election" means, but it does mention one letter written October 20. Another great "strategy" I guess. But here's what I wonder:
  1. What media organizations knew this?
  2. When did they know it?
  3. Did they agree to wait until after the election to disclose it?
  4. In exchange for what? Guaranteed access so they can continue to give us even more of those "according to government sources" stories we've read for the last eight years?

Given the fact he wrote letters to employees of seven different federal agencies, I find it hard to believe that nobody knew this before now.

According to the article:

"He made it clear that the Department of Housing and Urban Development would have an enhanced role in restoring public confidence in the housing market, shaken because of the ongoing mortgage crisis."

Hm-m-m, think he had Ms. Jarrett's prior "urban development" experience in mind when he made that clear?


ea said...

Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984 illustrated variations of the downtrodden becoming the overlords and complete submission to the state. Since their publication, the interpretation of the significance of these books in Western countries has nearly uniformly been as a screed against Communism. My own interpretation has been that they weren't about Communism, but elitism and conformity--exactly what a lot of people think Bush and Obama are all about.

Deb said...

ea...Hey!!! Leave it to you to jar my memory! I read Animal Farm with my youngest son a while ago when he was in middle or high school - can't remember which. He hates reading (you can lead a horse...)and I love it, so we'd sit down and read assigned books together and discuss them to make sure he understood what was going on. While Orwell may have had communism and the Bolshevik Revolution in mind when he wrote it, I agree you are dead-on as it relates to today!! "Napole-Obama" has a composite "Squealer" in Jarrett and Emanuel don't you think? I'm beginning to believe it is questionable that Hillary is, in fact, the "Snowball" everyone thought she would be in taking this SoS appointment.

There are so many, many comparisons - thanks for reminding me! I'll have to read it again to get all the facts straight and then maybe we could do some joint posting on this as it relates to the new administration! Let me know what you think!

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