Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bombs and banks - and a complicit Congress

I was watching David Sanger on CNN talking about this, U.S. Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Iranian Nuclear Site and thought, "They want us to give them more weapons just to use on Iran. Right." Then I thought, "All out war on Iran - over Iraq?" What the hell??? Involved in WWIII because they don't trust Shrub to "handle" Iran before he leaves and no confidence in any return on all those AIPAC dollars they gave the Changeling once he gets in.

Then, I went to AROO and read this, "The Bag Lady's Lament", which led me to this:

"Life savings gone, 'Madoffed' best-selling writer back at work", which led me surprisingly to this:

"Madoff investors may get money back" Those fleeced by $50 billion fraud may be able to retrieve funds from Securities Investor Protection Corp in a few months, Congressional non-profit says. In which I found this: "SIPC is a non-profit agency set up by Congress to maintain a fund to help investors who had accounts at brokerage firms that failed."

Congress set this up? Did they set anything up for anybody else who lost their shirts in this Ponzi scheme of a bailout to the same banks that caused them to lose their shirts in the first place with all their mortgage schemes and not-representing-any-real-money-credit default swaps/derivatives games?

Gotta do something for all those AIPAC dollars spent I guess.

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