Monday, January 5, 2009

Pre-conditions?? Really??

Since we appear to be in kindergarten... Later, on The Hill...
(Pics courtesy of my sister-in-law Jan, not sure where she got them!)
"Okay, we'll seat you, but only for two years. You have to promise not to run in 2010." What the hell?? Does the Constitution say that??
Will Princess Caroline have those same conditions thrust upon her? How about Michael F. Bennet, appointed to fill the seat being vacated by Ken Salazar? Just because Edward "Ted" Kaufman, is comfortable with stepping down in 2010 after completing Biden's term, does that mean Burris should be "comfortable" with that too? He didn't sound like he was good with that idea today on CNN. I would hope he doesn't cave, but then again, man does have a way of crumbling in the face of 15 minutes (in his case - 2 years) of fame. We'll see.

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