Friday, April 24, 2009


That, is the sound of absolute "relief this semester's over!!"

It's been, um-m-m, interesting - to say the least.

Instead of that vaunted book learnin' I'd expected, there was a whole lot more - "Looky, looky, see what I wrote/what I did!" - from working Washington journalists, chosen to be instructors instead of "real teachers," as an equally irritated classmate continuously pointed out. You could cut the narcissism with a knife and I don't do narcissism - at all.

Now don't get it twisted, having an instructor who's actually done the job you'd like to do is certainly valuable, but knowing your job and knowing how to teach it are two, totally different animals IMHO. Silly me to expect a little of both.

Having my incessant questioning be met with either questions rather than answers or, no useful response at all didn't help matters any. As a result, I actually let it stress me the hell out, doing nothing else but trying to teach myself what I was paying them to teach me.

But, after all the transference and compartmentalization that I surely took me and mine through trying to get here, I got this email from my husband today and had one of those real, cleansing cries:

"Kelly Clarkson couldn't have put those words any clearer and with more meaning than My life would suck without you. I love that you are fiercely independent. I love that you love your family so that sometimes it hurts. I love that you take opportunities when they present themselves. I love that you keep on everyday fighting the fight through your blog. I love that you love just sitting around and watching TV or listening to music and having a drink or two. I love that you enjoy life as it is presented to you. I love that you have an intense desire to see your sons succeed. I love that you keep on with me and fight through the times. I love it when you laugh hardily. I love it when you cry hardily about those things you are passionate. I love your love of fellow human beings no matter their stature in life. I love you."

Okay, I didn't even know what Kelly Clarkson song he was talking about (more of a Fantasia fan myself - when I did watch American Idol!), so I went to YouTube to find it. If I'm honest, I'd have to say it's a fair representation of this 28-year and counting sojourn. So, to your Clarkson offering Mr. C., I say thanks - and I reply with #29 in the player to the right (probably why I'm a Fantasia fan).

I love that you know me so well.


ea said...

Congratulations on two counts:

1. finishing the semester, sanity intact

2. finding such a wonderful life-partner

Deb said...

Thanks ea! Intact, but battered. And on #2, I've come to realize that myself.

How are you? Been busy huh? Back on this side for awhile? I'm heading out your way in a couple months (part of that fiercely independent and enjoying life as it is presented thing). It's going to be a lo-o-o-ng drive, he just might not be so wonderful by the time we get there!! :-) ¿Vida, sí?

ea said...

Pues, continuamos día por día, ¿no?

¿A donde van?

Deb said...

¡Sí, y bailemos como nadie está mirando - siempre! :-)

Voy a San Antonio. Mis hijos viven allí juntos ahora, estoy en escuela en Washington con el perro y Sr. Wonderful está fuera del país. Él vuelve este mes. ¡La familia necesita un abrazo!

Cinie said...

Awwww, what a sweet guy. I love that he loves you so much. Congrats on finishing the semester brains intact, and though you might be frustrated with the instructors, I'm convinced students always teach themselves, schools assess and provide validation. "Hey, you learned most/some/all of the crap we decided you needed to learn to get this grade/diploma/job."
Anyway, congratulations again, and, I'm jealous you have found someone to love who loves you so much back.
And, no fair with the Spanish! Unless you said you like to buy shaved ice from a cart in San Antonio, I'm lost.

Deb said...

Hey Cinie! Yep, he's a good egg. No need to be jealous Chile, there've been times when we weren't so sure, but we hung in there,trying to figure it out.

I'm just too damn old for this kind of frustration! You're probably right about students teaching themselves, but shit, can a sista at least get some guidance for her damn dime???

"And, no fair with the Spanish! Unless you said you like to buy shaved ice from a cart in San Antonio, I'm lost."Girl you're crazy!! I seldom have an opportunity to practice my limited Spanish, ea helps me out with that. I just told her with my sons in San Antone, me in school here and Mr. Wonderful out of the country, soon to return, the family needed a hug. I know I sure do! I just need to be around people who really know me and I really know them for awhile. That injection of what passes for normalcy among us is the thing that helps keeps me sane amid the madness.

Glad you dropped in!

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