Monday, November 2, 2009

"The Warning" shows how the foxes keep guarding the henhouse - then and now

The clips below are just the tip of the stomach-turning iceberg.  Please go here to watch the hour-long, Frontline piece and then tell me how anybody can believe the Changeling's 'bout anything but himself - just like all other politicians.

"The Year of Global Change," a two-part video compilation (Introduction) and Timeline from  Der Spiegel and Reuters, quite interestingly and succinctly documents how the "moneychangers in the temple" have had such a direct and negative effect on the lives of people - all around the world!

Yet most of us are still asleep at the wheel, happily being spoon-fed a whole lot of nothin' from the Changeling and praising him for it - instead of holding him accountable.

And the beat goes on...


Cinie said...

Girl, I watched the two clips, and, I've been following the news about the elections, as well as the convenient release of all the walk down Memory Lane stuff designed to remind everybody how much they really love the Pretendident, even though he sucks and they couldn't mobilize their much vaunted grassroots crew if their lives depended on it, (which they do) and I can't help thinking 2 things:

1. Major fail

2. Told y'all

Deb said...

Chile, you know I co-sign on both #1 & #2!! And now that Dems lost in VA & NJ, of course people like Andrew Sullivan - an absolute water-carrier for the Changeling - is saying, "This is not a referendum on Obama as president - all politics are local." Bullshit! I watched BBC News America this morning and they were doing some exit polling. One guy in VA, a life-time Republican who voted for Obama because of all his hopey-changey bullshit (my words, not his), said "I voted Republican because this is not the hope and change I expected. And we probably won't be married much longer!" then stormed away with his wife, who voted Democrat and had no comment, trailing a few feet behind him.

But of course, our MSM will not be reporting those kinds of comments.

ea said...

Hmmm. We humans are a flawed species.

It is tempting, from now on, to use that simple summary sentence in response to human activities. For could there ever be a good, true, long-lasting solution to any human-made problem?

Also saves me from having to think ;)

Deb said...

ea...Yes we are, but that's no reason to suffer the absolutely greedy, manipulating, power-hungry, disrespectful liar. And though it is tempting to use that "one-size-fits-all" - I just can't. Wish I could though, because as you said, it'd save me from having to think and I'd probably get more sleep! :-)

Cinie said...

Deb, ya beat me to it.

Yes, ea, we are a flawed species, as are they all. Yet, as are all species, we are perfect. It just seems some of us are more flawed, and less perfect, than others.

The "more flawed/less perfect" ones are the ones who usually seem to run for public office.

And win.

(I'm starting to scare myself.)

Tee hee

Deb said...

Sister, you know you scare me too - the way we think so much alike! I'm sure there are things we disagree on, but for the most part - we always seem to be "right here" ::me pointing at me, then you with 2 fingers:: (à la Martin)

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