Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Where the (white) Boys Are..."

UPDATE:  Don't know how I missed this, "Secret Service, YOU take the blame and THE-N-N-N, we'll take the blame for staff sashaying around" memo - but please, do read it. 

Baby please!

The only thing I'm saying about Giblet's little patriarchal performance up there is - "When people show themselves to you - you better pay a-damn-ttention!"

(P.S.  "I've not heard any of that criticism.  I've not read any of that criticism..."  Here, you go Giblet - "Knives come out for Obama's 'preening' social secretary."  It ain't just being bandied about around Washington!)


ea said...

Two things stand out to me in this clip.

1. The white guy is an a$$hole, but that is to be expected. Has anyone in the Obama administration called him on his condescending attitude--demonstrated by comparing an adult woman to a child?

2. The woman of colour (Ms. Ryan) apparently thinks whose name appears on a guest list to a pretentious tax-payer-funded affair is so important as to warrent a little bit of getting-in-the-face of the a$$hole white guy. No soldiering for the people here, just more fodder for the infotainment industry.

They both need to get over themselves, IMHO, but the only one who might get any kind of retribution for this will likely be the woman--for back-talking a man.

Deb said...


1) Not publicly that I know of. They did say they stand by their Social Secretary.

2) I agree that it was a pretentious, tax-payer funded affair but, I believe Ms. Ryan has a point. If those two crashers had been intent on harming the Changeling, the VP, Congress members in attendance or the Indian PM, they could have - easily. They wouldn't have made it out afterward as I'm sure the Secret Service would have taken them down with that "kill shot" they've been very well trained to deliver.

I, for one, think Ms. Rodgers bears total reponsibility for that - moreso than the Secret Service because everything flows from her duties as the Social Secretary - invitations, lists, etc. In addition to the wanding or whatever at the event, the Secret Service is tasked with checking the backgrounds of the invitees before the event. Hers is to advise them - who the invitees are - so they can.

It's additionally her responsibility to phyically check-off, or have someone on her staff physically check-off the names of invitees who show up at the door (literally) BEFORE they get in the door. She blew that off to be in the mix it seems.

With all these Black folk praying no one assassinates their new president, you'd think she'd be a little more concerned about his safety and do her damn job.

Now, don't get me wrong - they don't have to do it the way the white folk have been doing it all these years, but they sure as hell need to come up with a more effective - 'nother way.

And if they have this other way - how come they went back to the "old way" for the Kennedy Center thingy (another pretentious waste of tax-payer dough) they just had? Were she not in with Valerie Jarrett and the Obamas post-election, do you really think she wouldn't have tread marks from that big ole bus under which he's wont to throw others?

But aside from the Secret Service guys taking the fall for this, I do think you're right, Ms. Ryan will be the only one suffering any retribution over that exchange with Giblet.

ea said...

I haven't paid much attention to all the details and haven't tried to verify what little I have read. My recollection, though, is that in response to the concern you raised, someone somewhere wrote that the two crashers were on some list somewhere, but didn't get invitations for this particular function. I have no idea what the truth is, and the truth will be defined by who is telling it. In other words, people are going to believe what they are going to believe. I do think that a few "get your sh... together" discussions are warranted in multiple places.

Deb said...

None of us have any idea what the real truth is, ea. But the facts, so far given, lead me to conclude that Ms. Rodgers also has some part to bear in this.

I agree, a few "get your sh.. together" discussions are warranted.

Deb said...

Getting a little spam here and there, so I'm trying this moderation thing til they get tired.

Cinie said...

I've thought from the jump that there's a lot more to this party crashing story than meets the eye. It has always seemed to me that there's been a "wink and a nod" element at play; to wit, they didn't crash, somebody high up approved them on the downlow, but the Salahis didn't get the QT memo. Or, they didn't care. But, seems obvious to me, they got in with somebody's cooperation.

Deb said...

...and Cin, it'll be "with somebody's cooperation" that she avoids that damn bus too! We've learned so well haven't we?

ea said...

test, test, test.

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