Sunday, January 17, 2010

DAMMIT TAVIS!! - Guess YOU don't want to be "Accountable" anymore

Okay, because I'm always telling folk - "Don't step to me, unless you're willing to own your shit - and  if you're not, I WILL call you on it." - I have to own my own shit.  I was WRONG about Tavis Smiley for all these years.

There!  That feels good!

When I read this, Tavis Smiley Ends State of Black American Union Show, Continues Media Lockdown of Obama's Black Critics at Black Agenda Report, all I could say was "Dammit Tavis!!"  Bruce Dixon paraphrases the gist of the "announcement" thusly:
Tavis's cancellation announcement, a brief video on his web site is long on folksy introductions, self-congratulation, thank-yous, and goodbyes. The reasons he offers for ending the annual event are brief and unconvincing. Ten years ago, he offers, “...there was only one syndicated black radio show... there was only one black TV network... we didn't have an African American president... (and) we no longer have to wait for one day a year in February to discuss issues that matter to us...” on TV.  (emphasis mine)
NOW, having an African-American president matters to you when it comes to publcly holding his ass "Accountable?"  After AL-L-L-L your bullshit, faux outrage at the Changeling snubbing the Black community by sending his wife instead of coming his damn self to the (what we now find, is the - final ) SOBU to discuss issues that matter to us before the election??!!   So NOW you're saying the damned mainstream media IS discussing issues that matters to us??  Since when, Mr. Smiley?  Since now that you've really got yours (thank you Walmart, PBS, NPR, PRI, et al)??  What a damned hypocrite you are Mr. Smiley.

Turns out - as PLENTY of people warned me - it wasn't about OUR SHIT after all!!  Was it ever?  Now, I don't think so.  Dammit Tavis!!

Seems to me, it was about ALL the shit they SAID it was about (You, Your Ego and dem dollar bills y'all)!!  And this fumbling, bumbling explanation for pulling the cork on the SOBU is enough for me to believe that everything they said was true (couldn't embed it, but please DO listen):  TAVIS ANNOUNCES END OF SOBU.

I'm too mad right now to expound - maybe later...

h/t to willyjsimmons over at Cinie's Place for this reminder:


The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

That little punk ass bastard!

Deb said...

No shit, Kitty! He WAS who they thought he was. And my black ass is just dumbfounded I didn't see it sooner.

Citizen Ojo said...

Ha! Tavis tried to run a revolution on corporate money....just doesn't mix!!! Fred Hampton didn't get down like that.

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