Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shoulda, woulda, coulda ...

**UPDATE** - I didn't watch it in real-time (just couldn't stomach it) but, you can go here for the video:  President Obama: 'We will make BP pay':

"He presented himself Tuesday night as presidential, conveying empathy for the economic hardship facing fishermen and hoteliers on the Gulf Coast and taking the approach of a chief executive by getting tough on BP while making sure the company remains on the hook to pay for the spill." (emphasis mine)
Just had to pull this out of the piece.  White folk - too funny and predictable! (See last graph below)


I've really been trying not to write jack about the Changeling, but when I read this the other day:  Obama to POLITICO: Some in Congress hypocritical on spill , I just had to shake my damned head - in print  - for a minute.

This "Nero" - after first, veritably "fiddling" while the oil spewed - is now doubling down on visits and media appearances using the spectre of Shrub's, Katrina "fly-over" to make himself look all involved and caring, mainly because he and his, knew full well how perfectly that'd play with the "faithful."  Just peruse the blogosphere and you'll see what I mean.  I know you've heard them:

"Look at how many times he's been down here!"
(You mean, since the handlers told him, "You better get the hell out in front of this thing!?)
Well, at least he's been down here a lot - not like Black-people-hatin'-George Bush!"
(I guess a Black-people-hoodwinkin'-Obama is way better, but I digress.)

As evidenced by this now, old-as-Methusaleh, disingenuous, finger-pointing, adolescent bluster - looks like he needs to brush-up on his hoodwinkin' skills:
“I think it’s fair to say, if six months ago, before this spill had happened, I had gone up to Congress and I had said we need to crack down a lot harder on oil companies and we need to spend more money on technology to respond in case of a catastrophic spill, there are folks up there, who will not be named, who would have said this is classic, big- government overregulation and wasteful spending.” (emphasis mine)

What?  Is he, 12??"  

I think it's fair to say - he SHOULDA "gone up to Congress" - regardless of what WOULDA been said.  He COULDA marched right on over there in his Big Boy pants and said exactly that six months ago - IF, that was indeed, his stand.  Me?  I didn't think it ever was.  Especially with all the masters to whom he has to answer (neither the commoners in NOLA, nor the country, for that matter - are among them).  How could I? The real question is, how could anyone - after this?

"Folks up there, who will not be named???"  Please - grow the hell up!

Fate, God, the gods/goddesses, Mother Earth -  whoever -  has a funny and timely way of jacking people the hell up right?  Not only did this rig blow up 20 days later, it turns out his handlers had him up there strutting around on March 31, naked as a jaybird according to this - Obama overlooked key points in giving OK to offshore drilling!  And th-e-en, THIS hoodwinkin' nonsense happened:  Feds Approve New Gulf Oil Well Off Louisiana

Man! He's looking more and more like this guy every day - bend him like you want him! {smdh}

As to accusations that he is not showing enough passion in fighting the oil spill, the president blamed the media.

“You know, what I think I get frustrated with sometimes, as do, I suspect, other members of my team, is that the media specifically is demanding things that the public aren’t demanding,” the president said.  (emphasis mine)  

So-o-o-o, you do this?

"Like you don't KNOW whose ass to kick!" (she said, suckin' her teeth.)

And now we've got to listen to HIS ass tonight, yet again - but from the Oval Office this time.  I heard on NPR today, he'd seem more "presidential" if he spoke to the American people during this time of tragedy from there, rather than on morning shows or on the ground.  White folk sure tickle me with all their faux, copied from England, pomp-and-circumstance.  The emperor has no clothes folks.  Does it matter from where we see his behind?


Cinie said...

Now, now, Deb, be fair. You know good and well our fearless leader has been spitting mad enough to kick ass since Day One. Didn't you see how thin his lips got when he breathed hard through his nose? It's just that he needed lead time for his handlers to get the poll results that told him how he felt back, and a couple more days to get the script written and mounted on 'Prompter. Add in hair, makeup, lighting, travel, and crew setup time and obviously, the man was johnny on the spot.

Deb said...

Hey Cin! Too funny! But unfortunately, your tongue-in-cheek is dead-on. This little damn boy just irks the hell out of me!!

(So-o-o-o-o glad you're back!)

ea said...

What? Is he, 12??


Citizen Ojo said...

My wish, it won't come true because it is a wish, is that politicians be honest with us and tell us that they are never ever ever ever going to stop drilling for oil. The day that we get off oil will be the last day the Earth gives it's last drop. First we are drilling now we have a moratorium. Which one is it? When they said change was coming I was thinking that we were going to seriously move toward alternative energy talk. The Prez is just tough talking on television to win over the folks watching. When they get through playing games. I want to know what is his administration going to do about alternative energy and green jobs.

Deb said...

Citizen Ojo...I apologize for the delay in responding to this (I DO have better manners than that!). :-) I'm just so out-of-sorts lately (a lot moreso than usual!).

You're right, it won't come true. Sadly - drilling, moratorium, whatever they say is bullshit. There will be no "alternative energy" push nor true "green jobs" creation unless and until it benefits the "haves."

Doing "the right" thing is nothing but a pipe dream for the powers-that-be. It pisses me off that the rest of us have to wait until they can get something out of it, before they do what their positions supposedly require - for all of us.

Part of my doldrums, is the full realization that we are but pawns in their little "11th dimensional chess games" and that nothing short of people rising up in total and complete revolution will change that. My task from here forward, is merely to figure out how to live "free" (in mind, heart and deed) and survive - relatively sanely in such a society. I say "merely," but let me tell you, it is task of gargantuan proportions! ;-)

Thanx for stopping in and again, I apologize for my tardiness.

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