Friday, July 30, 2010

"For whom the bells toll... tolls for thee..." Petty Officer 2nd Class Justin McNeley and Petty Officer 3rd Class Jarod Newlove, (age 30 and 25 respectively).

As I read Second missing U.S. sailor in Afghanistan is found dead, I couldn't help but think of a Navy tradition that has always been near and dear to my sentimental, sap of a heart:  the Two Bell Ceremony - a solemn part of the annual commemoration of the Navy's Birthday.  It is a simple and silent (but for the bells and MC) tribute to our fallen shipmates.

And so, from the "Goat Locker" description of the ceremony to which I linked above, I borrow this:

"In days past, two bells (toll two bells here) marked the end of the routine day aboard a ship.  It was time for tattoo, and soon, taps would sound throughout the ship.  Certainly, this is a most appropriate time to honor our departed shipmates."

And it is.  Fair winds and following seas Petty Officers McNeley and Newlove...

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