Friday, July 9, 2010

White Bart cop gets his "justice" - as for Blacks, it's still "Just-us"

UPDATE:  "Feds to investigate Calif. train station killing" - First, let me say that I suspect their motives (mid-term elections ever closer, Kool-Aid  at-the-ready for Black folks and such).  I mean, really - NOW, they want to investigate??  And even with the video, there was no "urgency of now" coming from the Changeling, et al (apparently MLK was only talking about him & his) - they never said a mumblin' word.  Guess that would've cast an interminably long shadow over all that "Obama Love"  floating around - for more than a year.  Pity the throngs of Black folk with no video of police killing, or otherwise abusing them.  Who knows what the outcome will be, but they'll be able to wave this one around to the 'believers" saying, "At least it didn't take as long as the investigation into the murder of Emmett Till!" {smdh}

HuffPo had a clearer version of the video so I switched the one I'd originally posted because we need to see the reason white folks need niggers and injuns and spics and wetbacks and kikes and dagos and guineas and micks, and a new one I learned while volunteering in NOLA after Katrina - spicaninnies.

For cover and preservation of the - who - they really are, those "civilized," who continue (and it will continue - abetted by the not-so-surprising help of many of the non-alabaster-hued) to make the afore-mentioned groups always appear as "uncivilized" animals can then, somehow justify to their man/woman in the mirror - the animals within themselves. 

Lest we forget...

After the jury rendered their verdict120 Arrested In Violent BART Protest:
“We live a life of fear and we want them to feel fear tonight” an unnamed demonstrator told KTVU at the height of the violence.
And yes, there was this:  Live blog: Cops pour in to Oakland to try to stop looting.  But while the headline concentrates on the looting, the photo array of the legions of riot-gear clad, gun-carrying cops from at least five different agencies it contains stands in silent, yet powerful confirmation that, as James Baldwin said:

"The country is only concerned about nonviolence, if it seems that I'm gonna get violent. It's not worried about nonviolence, if it's some Alabama sheriff."
Or a BART officer.

Lauryn Hill's - "Mystery of Iniquity" -  kept playing in my head while I pecked this out, so I thought I'd share. For all the Marilyn Leviases (Seattle) and the more, sure-to-be Oscar Grants in this post-racial nation...

...because the beat goes on, until we say - ENOUGH! - and mean it.


ea said...

Pigs are thugs. Period.

Deb said...

¡Hola mujer! You know I cracked up, when I saw this right?? Not because it's untrue, but because it was so automatic! Too funny!

(También, todavía esperando su análisis de mi pregunta en mi comentario pasado. Puedes enviarme por correo electrónico privado si prefieres.)

Good to see you!

ea said...

Querría poco más información. Por ejemplo, ¿donde estuvieron? ¿En Tejas o Florida o otro lugar?

Deb said...

En Tejas - en mi casa (envíeme su email address y le daré más información).

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