Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Democrats or Republicans - same thing, people!!

I got this email from MoveOn.org today and thought it was hi-larious - let me just count the ways (all emphasis mine):


Dear MoveOn member,

Election Day is less than two months away, and we need to decide today whether we'll have enough resources for a major campaign to help stop the Republicans and their corporate allies from taking over Congress.  (1. Guess we can all agree on one thing - democracy is always for sale)

In a survey over the weekend, 92% of MoveOn members said that we should work broadly to help Democratic candidates—especially now that corporate front groups are spending $400 million to boost Republicans' chances.  (2. Now? So we should forget the millions for which the Dems and their front man prostituted themselves up to now? - UPDATE:  This is interesting, no?)

So here's our plan to do it:

• We'll launch a giant recruitment drive to turn out thousands of volunteers for dozens and dozens of vulnerable Democrats across the country. (3.  Please!  If they were doing what the people sent them to Congress to do, their asses wouldn't BE "vulnerable!  To the Changeling and his cohorts, I say: 

Nate Beeler/Washington Examiner
We'll use the media and creative tactics to show that corporate front groups are pouring money into these races and helping elect Republicans to carry out their agenda.  (4.  Yeah, you of all people ought to know the media will shill for anybody with deep pockets - look how it worked in getting the Changling "selected."  And I won't even touch that whole "creative tactics" thing, except to say - Democratic Rules & Bylaws Committee - May 31, 2008!!)

• We'll especially focus on top progressive heroes like Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. Alan Grayson who are facing the fights of their lives.  (5. She, of the land of economic meltdown and he, the man who spoke so loudly about health care, but didn't carry a big enough stick to get a public option included?  Heroes??  Really??)

And because nearly 80% of MoveOn members said not to use our scarce resources to help Democrats who've sided repeatedly with corporate lobbyists on key votes like health care, we'll stay out of those races(6. Hell, they've ALL sided with corporate lobbyists on key votes like health care - on one side of it, or the other (need I remind you - again - about that pesky little "public option" disappearing?!)

This is a hugely ambitious plan that will involve serious work in 30-60 critical races.

All told, it'll cost at least $1.1 million and require at least 100,000 volunteer hours. To move forward, we need commitments for that much time and money—otherwise, we'll have to scale back the plan.

(7. C'mon people!  Don't you think that $1.1 million could be used for way more important shit?)

So we need to know today how much each MoveOn member is willing to chip in. We'll need at least 108 pledges from people in Washington. You don't have to donate right now—we just need to know how much support we can count on over the next two months.

Click to let us know how much you can pledge to stop the Republican takeover of Congress

(8.  Not one-red-cent!  Quiet as it's kept, both parties need to get the hell out of Congress!)





Another amount

I can't pledge any money right now, but I'll volunteer my time.

Thanks for all you do.

Democrats have had the majority in Congress for quite some time now.  They've done nothing but either, allowed themselves to be bullied by Shrub & Co. OR, worked really hard at that which has been most politically expedient - for themselves.  Why MoveOn would even ask anybody to throw good money after bad is just beyond me -- and quite amusing!


Citizen Ojo said...

I guess the thing that kills me is that why would a candidate talk bad about Washington D.C. but want you to send them there?? And then after 4, 8, 12 years of being there. They tell you that the system is broken and you need to keep them there to fix it? The last election until now has been a true eye opener for some folks. Voting has simply turned into picking the lesser of two evils.

Deb said...

Hey, Citizen Ojo - good to "see" you! Not only is what you said hi-larious! - you are dead-on with those, "Things that make you go hm-m-m"!!

But most people don't stop to think about those very valid questions you raise. Most people don't stop to think at all as they digest a daily diet of "the game" - and that IS ALL that it is! A game about power, money and privilege (can't have one without the other!) as they volley the voter back-and-forth like a bright, yellow tennis ball.

"The last election until now has been a true eye opener for some folks. Voting has simply turned into picking the lesser of two evils."

Hell, it's taken most of my adult life to "open my eyes!" When I was in my 20s and 30s, I believed in that "best candidate" bullshit (along with a lot of other "American exceptionalism, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps" shit that proved to be just that - shit). But what I began to find out from my late 30s on, is that voting has ALWAYS been "picking the lesser of two evils" and sometimes, just picking an evil!

Citizen Ojo said...

What a world we live in..no words to describe it...

Deb said...

No shit...

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