Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am so sick of this man!!!

Okay, when I read - US medical tests in Guatemala 'crime against humanity' - my visceral response was, "The U.S. has been conducting crimes against Black humanity since they brought us here!  Hell, those men and their families in Tuskegee suffered, unacknowledged, for 40 damned years -  and not until 1972, did they apologize!"  But of course, as Baldwin explains it so well:
I have said that the Civilized have never been able to honor, recognize, or describe the Savage.  Once they had decided that he was savage, there was nothing to honor, recognize or describe.
Those two sentences always snap me right back into the reality of who "white" folk are.

Not only am I sick of him - I'm pretty tired of asleep-at-the-damned-wheel Black folk, too.  Come on Family!  What Black American would say some stupid shit like this??:
Mr Obama told Mr Colom the 1940s-era experiments ran contrary to American values, Guatemala said. (emphasis mine)
These experiments were going on during Tuskegee!!!

Now I know HE doesn't know jack about the Black experience, but - he's married to a woman from Georgetown, South Carolina - the actual site of the first landing of slaves on these shores in 1526 (not 1619 in Virginia - another lie your teacher told you) - AND site of the first slave revolt!  Even though - from what I've seen so far - she seems more "from" this place, than "of" this place (huge difference) - I know she knows enough to know that his - contrary to "American" values - is bullshit.

Please watch the video of  Prof. Susan Reverby at the first link (''They saw these subjects as soldiers in a war"???).  CNN's, Studies show 'dark chapter' of medical research (no, you can't convince me there was 'no pun intended' here) fleshes the story out a little more by comparing and contrasting the two experiments - but the headline should have been, "Studies show white supremacy run amok."

I just wonder, how high are we prepared to allow the Changeling's threshold of insult concerning us to rise, before we say - ENOUGH!

UPDATE I: Freedom Rider: Tuskeegee, Guatemala...
UPDATE II: From Tuskegee to Guatemala Via Nuremberg

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