Friday, January 14, 2011

Um, Unca Jeh C.? I think Dr. King can speak for himself just fine - thank you very much

Michael L. Rhodes, the Defense Department's director of administration and management, applauds Jeh C. Johnson, the department's general counsel, after presenting him a certificate of appreciation for his keynote address at the 26th annual observance of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Pentagon, Jan. 13, 2011. DOD photo by R. D. Ward

(h/t Justin Elliott @ Salon for this heads-up)

Jeh C. Johnson's, denying-truth-for-fantasy-in-order-to-be-accepted keynote address yesterday, was the finest example of White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy that I've seen associated with Dr. King since the selection of the Changeling - and of course, the Beck/Palin co-option of his message during their little, We Shall Overcome "revolution" last year (bell hooks explains this type of "collusion" beginning at the 4:28 click in the first video here - do heed the warning!).

Here, in "King Might Understand Today’s Wars...", Johnson's babbling comparison of the mission of today's troops, with that of Dr. King's Good Samaritan parallel, is not only incongruent - it's disgraceful, and absolutely ridiculous (reminds me of his forever-channeling-MLK-when it's-politically-expedient boss, and his "look forward not backward" ideas on war and holding people accountable, the problems of which, Glenn Greenwald so eloquently delineates here).

All I can say is, Thank the Lawd for YouTube!

UPDATE:  Man those "Talented Tenth" are something else!  I just read Unca Jeh C.'s speech, published by firedoglake in its entirety here, and I just have to say (and I think the DSM-IV would concur) - there's a bonafide narcissist in the house!  And isn't this little snippet special?? {smdh}:

"In 1977 Martin III invited me to attend a strategy meeting hosted by his mother at their home.  It was my first visit to 234 Sunset Avenue in southwest Atlanta.  I sat in Mrs. King's living room, in the place where Martin Luther king had lived, and felt as if I was in the presence of royalty, in a shrine.  Mrs. King was a commanding and regal presence, but the unforgettable image I still have is of Mrs. Martin Luther King going into her own kitchen, bringing out a tray, and serving cookies to her assembled guests of college students and local leaders." (emphasis mine)

"Commanding and regal" - but most memorable for - serving cookies???  There are just too many ways one could "hear" that statement, so I'll just leave it alone.

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