Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sorry, another slight detour...

Fast forward to today:

"We’ll have to bring down health care costs further, including in programs like Medicare and Medicaid, which are the single biggest contributor to our long-term deficits. I believe we should strengthen Social Security for future generations, and I think we can do that without slashing benefits or putting current retirees at risk. ...blah, blah, blah."
the Changeling - 2/15/11
Methinks they better find a way to do that without slashing benefits! You see, FICA,OASDI and I have had a very long and automatically withdrawn relationship from which, the Changeling and his string-pullers need to step the hell away (Egypt, Tunisia - anyone??).

But given the crooks and liars we keep sending to Congress, and in light of Flemming v. Nestor, the whole idea - of putting in a bi-weekly amount, the government not dipping into it and leaving IOU's, then I get my money back (which will be taxed a-damn-gain) at age 62 or 65 - seems more and more like a pipe dream, particularly for my children. {smdh}  

I don't know why I watched him on TV today.  I normally try to avoid it whenever I can.  This press conference on "his" budget (can puppets have their own budgets??) - which I painfully watched, ears bleeding from the bullshit - confirmed that I need to keep right on not watching his ass!

Then, to make matters worse - here came Miss SOS with her blathering hypocrisyAargh!

Hill?  You can wipe that little bit of bullshit from around your mouth as well - you and your, "Iran is awful because it is a government that routinely violates the rights of it people.  The internet has become...blah, blah, blah(here's a snippet - since I can't seem to find a video of the whole speech with this line included.  Correction:  Here's the whole thing).

(You live and you learn don't you?!  I can't believe I thought this other megalomaniac was worth my vote!)

Our government, though it's not blocked the internet completely - is no different from these other governments you so readily accuse of "internet repression" - we're just dressed up in our faux, American exceptionalist, Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes as we do it on the down-low.

You should be ashamed to stand up there and rationalize the U.S. pursuit of Assange (to include blocking Wikileaks wherever and whenever you can).  Such pure and shameless tripe!  Given he outed you, I'd venture a guess your vendetta is a little personal - just sayin'.  But hold up - let's have Glenn Greenwald  elucidate that point since he's way better at it than I am.  And while you're spewing, care to expound on net neutrality (or the lack thereof) there, Hill?  Bruce Dixon and Jared Ball at Black Agenda Report don't mind telling some truths - how 'bout you?

I'm so sick of both of you!

UPDATE:  Truthdigger of the Week: Ray McGovern - Please watch the video.

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