Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Operation Odyssey Dawn" - a show of imperialism from Hypocritic Oafs

(Yeah, no - "hypocritic" isn't a word - but I know y'all get my meaning!)

Sorry - again - for the interruption of the Africa series (it was life-changing - of course there's more!), but really - if there was ever any doubt about the hypocrisy of the Changeling (Nobel-laureate for peace that he is), Miz SOS and their whole "Change You Can Believe In" administration - they should all be cleared up with the launching of "Operation Odyssey Dawn."  {smdh}

"The Laureate and Libya" - Nate Beeler

The launching brought to mind two observations in a piece I'd read over at Race-Talk regarding another culture and another subject (though still relevant here I think) by contributor, Mikhail Lyubanski:

The assumption is that it is possible to rank-order nations/cultures on some supposedly objective hierarchy of “civilization”...Who gets to decide what is considered “civilized?”
Anyway - a few links from some folks who've been paying attention (because one of MY rants would probably take forever!):

And how appropriate?!  He announces this foolishness IN BRAZIL - one of the five countries sensibly abstaining from this savior-cum-imperialist piece of work.  I looked at this today...

The Changeling and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff
...and I was HOPING she was thinking this!:

P.S.  If you believe the United States is in financial trouble, know that the powers that be (including their figurehead African-American puppet, joining in on an assault on an African country) believe there's nothing better for a recession than a war.

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