Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some TANGIBLE, "Clinton-is-racist" shit right here...

From The Nation:
"A recent Nation investigation conducted by Isabeau Doucet and Isabel Macdonald revealed that the shelters in Haiti provided by the Clinton Foundation are dangerously flimsy and filled with toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde. Similar shelters were used in the US as temporary FEMA trailers immediately after Hurricane Katrina, and Clayton Homes, the company that provided those trailers to Americans, is now being sued for formaldehyde levels in the trailers. Why is it that shelters known to be toxic are acceptable for Haitians but not Americans.

Dr. Paul Farmer, the author of Haiti: After the Earthquake and a colleague of Bill Clinton's in Haiti, joined Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! this morning to respond to The Nation's investigation.

Anna Lekas Miller"

This is but one example, of the kind of shit that's been over-crowding my brain for the past six months or so.  I know it's not just me - this FOB (Friend of Bill), even after a 45-second warning, never even deemed it necessary to answer the damned question:
"Why is it that shelters known to be toxic are acceptable for Haitians but not Americans?"
Just a quick aside here, because this is how history slowly gets "revised" (making it seem as if there was all this concern from white folk, for Black folk).  They weren't "acceptable" for Katrina survivors either!  They got them though - these same, "known to be toxic" trailers. Weren't they "Americans?" Weren't they, as the abolitionist, Josiah Wedgewood's medallion entreats:

The answer to the first question is, of course, Yes!  And to the second?  A resounding, of course not!  Because, "Americans" though they were, there was certainly no "...Man and a Brother" thing going on for them in most of these United States before, during or after the storm.  So while I appreciate Ms. Goodman's hammering of the non-answering, Dr. Farmer about why Haitians got these trailers that weren't "acceptable" for "Americans" - let's be clear - she obviously wasn't talking about Black "Americans." 

And that's why "framing" or "shaping" an issue, versus just coming right out and telling the truth and shaming the devil, bothers me.  Alluding to, rather than facing, head-on, that big ole, pink elephant of white supremacy and its spawn (racism), is part and parcel of why it's still here in America - and in Haiti, and in the countless other environs inhabited by non-alabaster,"Others" (Sorry, just had to parse her question out for myself).

Carrying on - I've no doubt that, as Slick Willy's foundation kicked it around, they said, "She-e-e-et, they got absolutely nothin' but wooden boxes topped with tarp right now - what does a little toxicity or unsafety matter??  Besides!  We'll come out smellin' like roses while we pocket all that donated "aid" money!"

Hell, after the Katrina debacle, FEMA - stuck with thousands of dollars of formaldehyde-laden trailers - decided to gratiously donate them (to include a small fee of course) to another group of  "Americans," who said exactly that!:
"Compared to some homes on reservations, FEMA's homes are like "castles," said Cheryl Causley, chairwoman of the National American Indian Housing Council.  "It shows you the vast discrepancy and the uneven treament among the citizens of the United States," Causley said.
"Our people would go miles to receive those units.  If there's any more ofg them, we would love them.  Our need is that extreme."
And I totally understand - the need.  But so pervasive is the "divide and conquer" bullshit, Ms. Causley actually sees those trailers, sitting unused in all their toxicity and unsafety - as "the vast discrepancy and the uneven treatment among the citizens of the United States!"

The U.S. government, knowingly "donating sickness" to THE AMERICANS in particular, is just so wrong (and so, typical) is it not?

But white supremacy, doin' what white supremacy does - ensured they put warnings on those trailers going to those "Others" (ever the ass-coverers, no?) - as if a silly, old warning would ever trump extreme need (one neither the MSM, nor the government cares to really address).  Haitians felt the same way - until the "alluding to" of The Nation.

I guess we do have to give them credit for exposing that.

UPDATE:  Clinton Foundation pledges to fix Haiti trailers (7/14) - exactly as with Fema/Clayton Homes being sued by Katrina survivors - it took Slick Willy's Foundation being ass-out before doing the right thing (after having benefitted publicly, politically and financially - from doing the wrong thing - of course).

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