Monday, February 6, 2012

"La Baker" continues to live - as do we!

Just back from an extended, "Homegoing" (MUCH more on that later), and I thank all of you for allowing me the time and space to piece it together.  In the meantime - a beautifully, wonderful, Black History Month "building upon"...

My, my, my - isn't this just what we've wanted??  For the songs, the stories, the truths - the Culture - to continue, and be built upon?  I can't lie, this just gives me shivers when I think about how we continue despite - AND - because of!!  Bravo, my young, beat-boxing to a damned CELLO, young brother - BRAVO!!

Could just be me, but really - isn't young brother, Olusola's offering of "The Times They Are a-Changin'" (to which my youngest just hipped me in the last 15 minutes or so) just the most perfect homage to the Walter Winchell-pegged, Josephine "La Baker" and her belief in our right to order our own steps in these alleged "united states?"

Every "inconvenient truth" she faced along her journey, she faced them - in all our names.  Listen to her version of  Olusola's rendering, watch the appended videos about her life, or read about her this Black History Month - and decide for yourself.

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