Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not an April Fool's joke

I know, I know - I said I'd try to post less about politics in general, and the Changeling in particular (especially since the country continues its descent into a political and moral vacuum with this two-party system of only a choice between hell and more hell - a vacuum from which I can see no signs of retreat in the near future) but, it's important to be aware that a Black face in the White House is no better than a white one as long as it continues to do the same things (photo:  "New Imperialism," courtesy of Leon Kuhn).

h/t to my brother, nomad over at ironymous 2.0 for posting this yesterday:

"Well Known Journalist Rotting In Jail Because OBAMA PERSONALLY Requested It"


Glenn Greenwald's recent, The Most Transparent Administration Ever™ shows quite nicely how this administration went from lauding FOIA, to forgetting about it totally - right under the noses of the American people - with barely a blink from his faithful sheeple.

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