Monday, September 3, 2012

Double your Latinos, double your chance to win?

I truly don't plan to be a part of, as Glenn Greenwald kinda called it, this "conspiracy of stupid," writing about either the right OR the left in the run-up to November.  I neither like, nor believe any side.  Too much shit going on -- unabated and ignored -- in this statein this country, and in this world to think that either really gives a damn. But I just couldn't resist this!

The RNC had Marco Rubio, American-born son of Cuban immigrants from Miami (who would've been a much better strategic choice for Romney as VP (except Romney wants it so bad, he wouldn't dare upset the whiteness of his main constituency). So, the DNC doubled down (pun intended), getting the mayor of San Antonio -- the younger; inarguably more handsome; up-and-coming; Julian Castro, American-born son of a Chicano, political activist, single mother -- AND, his identical twin brother, State Representative, Joaquín Castro (they have been known to do the twin-switch thing), to introduce him as the keynote speaker!!  If you're one of those who love symbolism and strategy over substance (and even if you're not), you just, gotta love this!

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