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Update: "Tails to kites" -- America, Israel and the megalomania of exceptionalism

I'd initially incorporated this into the previous post as an update, but reading it again this morning, it felt buried.  I decided to dig it out because the connect-the-dots observation was one that shouldn't be overlooked.


There are layers of "dog-whistles"; some  too ridiculous to seriously consider (Republicans do this; Democrats do that -- as if there's any difference), some too serious not to (Zionist manipulation and decimation of a people; sanctions; fomenting rebellions; lying the country into wars).

But at the end of the day, they're all pretty much "dog whistles," intended to interrupt critical thinking and distract from the one thing, to never forget to remember about imperialism -- always follow the money.

Bro. Amenta's comment here, not only  reminded me not to forget, but to tell me a little something new:

Deb, this is an excellent post. It describes the wickedness with which Is-Ra-El operates in that region with the blessing of the U.S.

However, the attack on Iran has little to do with it's nuclear program, and by the way there is NO nuclear program in existance on this Earth that is soley for the purpose of "cheap" energy. The waste product is ALWAYS used for weaponry.

That aside, this bluffing of a combat attack on Iran is merely a veil for real war that is going on.

In Feb 2008 Iran began its Iranian Oil Bourse which began setting prices of oil on the French Stock Exchange. Prior to the advent of the Iranian Oil Bourse only the U.S. and her agencies set the price of oil each and every day. And, all oil bought and sold the world over had to be purchased with the U.S. Dollar aka the Petro Dollar. When Iran set in motion it's Oil Bourse the U.S. began sabre rattling even making plans to attack Iran with nuclear weapons.

At any rate, Iran began setting oil prices in 2008 and on top of that requested that whomever bought oil from them pay in other currencies than the U.S. Dollar aka the Petro Dollar. This caused countries to dump dollars, and those dollars come right back to circulate here in the good ole U.S. And, guess what? Our prices go UP. In other words the value of the USD goes down. The Fed stopped printing the M3 report that trackes how many bills dominated in 10's, 5's and 1's circulate in the country because they knew the flood of bill back in circulation here would alarm those who knew of the report.

(Photo courtesy of
In retalliation, the U.S. cyber attacked Iran nearly shutting down the it's nuclear program yet, Iran persisted and cut a deal with China and Russia (I think it was early this year) in which both countries agreed to buy Iranian oil utilizing their own currencies and not the U.S. Dollar aka the Petro Dollar.

Another blow to the U.S. Dollar. Thus the seeminly stupid remark by Moron, sorry I mean Mormon Romney stating that Russia is our (his) greatest enemy right now. The Changeling (your great term for this dude) seized upon the ignorance of the voting public and joked Romney was living in the cold war age. No. Moron, there I go again, I mean Mormon Romney is living in this current currency war, but, most of us don't even know there is a war raging. So, The Changeling, sensing our stupidity, (one of the many reason I don't care for this fella, ok all of them would have done what The Changeling did)) jumped on it and many of us ate it up. Transparency for ya, huh? At any rate, both the U.S. and Is-Ra-El are using each other for the sake of their own ends. Is-Ra-El will allow U.S. planes with Iraeli marking go bomb places there and the U.S. lets Is-Ra-El run amuck over the Palestinians many of whom are black folk.


Deb said...Bro. Amenta...Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Why didn't I see it??!! -- probably because I slept the damned, Iranian Oil Bourse thing! This is the exact same reason Qadaffi was murdered and Libya damned-near destroyed! His plan for the introduction of one, African currency -- THE GOLD DINAR!!!...

Oh-h-h this shit is way more foul than I knew! I also didn't know this: "...and by the way there is NO nuclear program in existance on this Earth that is soley for the purpose of "cheap" energy. The waste product is ALWAYS used for weaponry."


Peace back at you, Brother!  I appreciate the knowledge and I won't forget to remember the next time (as I'm certain there'll be one).

Yes, I'd forgotten to remember why the murders of balking leaders, and the destruction of sovereign nations by America and the "usual suspects" had to take place in Iraq and Libya.  It was way more about those "euros and gold dinars," than it ever was about any pure, R2P "humanitarian concerns" for the people whose lives and countries have been, and remain destroyed.

- Iran presses ahead with dollar attack

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