Monday, October 1, 2012

Seeing the forest for the trees...

Thought I'd posted this already...

Okay folks, this is the closest I could find to some real "dog whistling."  But you know what?  It works exactly the same with people!

As the owner coaxes the response he wants from the pup with his, "Okay, ready?" -- I couldn't help but notice how creepily his method is mimicked by both political parties through the MSM.  They say, "Okay, ready MSM?  Whistle just like we showed you, and all their heads will turn (away from the important stuff)."  All that hullabaloo about Romney's "47%," secret fundraiser comments not long ago certainly bears that out.

What cracks me the hell up about the Changeling's supporters though, is the utter hypocrisy with which they got bent about what Romney said -- when the Changeling did the exact same thing, in the exact same, high-roller, secret fundraiser setting!

You may not remember, but I'll bet those "bitter Pennsylvanians" sure do!  I wrote a post about Mayhill Flower's, then-explosive audio of said, little get-together in San Francisco, back in 2008, but the audio has been mysteriously removed (the transcript is still there, but hearing it drip from the Changeling's lips at the time, was so -- Romney-esque)!

At any rate, here's Bill Moyers explaining how nothing about elitism's dog whistles and money-talk has changed much (except maybe it's getting a little tanner and a lot more invasive):

Hate to disappoint you Mr. Moyers, but no matter how many signs citizens put out all over this land declaring the opposite, many if not most, do see the forest for the trees.  They know beyond a shadow of a doubt -- that our democracy is, has been and likely will always be, for sale.

- Best democracy money can buy

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