Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bruised but not broken...

The 32nd anniversary was 11/28/12.  Different...

Thought about Joss Stone though.  Looked for her on YouTube -- wasn't disappointed:

(Okay, you got me.  I can abide some "blue-eyed" Soul -- but not much.  Next to the now-dead, Teena Marie, Joss is pretty much it.)

Then, I thought of my young Sister, India...

...and it was good.


Carolyn Moon said...

Oh yes, I agree with you. When Teena passed; one of my blogging sisters stated that she had to call the ushers. :-)I'd like to add Joni Mitchell; still like to hear "Help Me" I think I'm falling in love again.

I have a playlist of Ms. Arie's lilts.

You know sometimes we need a break from all the chaos with some music therapy. I've a quote on my site by an unknown author who stated: "Music is what feelings sound like".

These links of fierce women singers may be to your liking.

'Four Women' by Nina Simone sung by Kelly Price, Marsha Ambrosia, Jill Scott and Ledisi:

Vimeo has a site devoted to Nina with many of her performances and interviews.

You've started something with this and I'll just chill and listen for the rest of the day as I go about my routine! :-) Peace to you...

Deb said...

Carolyn Moon! Hey! Yep, that Teena Marie was something else! Never really been a Joni Mitchell fan. But India's probably who I'd like to be when I grow up! :-) Her voice and the content of her songs, just speak volumes to and for me.

"You know sometimes we need a break from all the chaos with some music therapy. I've a quote on my site by an unknown author who stated: "Music is what feelings sound like".

You're absolutely right and the quote is dead-on. Crazy, but music has always been how I remember where I was and how I felt, during every stage of my life!

Thanx for the Four Women' link! I love all of these young sisters! Their rendition was definitely moving (my girl Ledisi was Peaches, right?!) -- but Nina's is definitely my favorite! Yeah, I saw the vimeo site. As a matter of fact, I saw it on your site and put it in my sidebar a while ago with a H/T! :-)

A couple days ago, I watched a video of a show in Cologne, Germany featuring Randy Crawford and The Joe Sample Trio over at the Afro-Europe site (Check it out sometime. I absolutely appreciate how it broadens the Diaspora for me!). Now that took me way back! It was delightful to hear her voice again (wish the hell I was sittiin' in that audience!).

Thanx for stoppin' in Sis Carolyn, come back anytime!

Carolyn Moon said...

Ledisi is Peaches and when I first viewed the video..I got rather loud when she wrapped it up. If I had been in the audience; I would have embarrassed myself. :-)

I have a playlist of Ms. Aire and a few videos of her in concert. The 'youngins' have picked up the mantle and ran with it...that's for sure.

Ms. Randy Crawford has been a favorite for years. I believe I have that video in my library as well as a number of her performances. Her vocal quality reminded me of a choir member's 'honeyed' voice in our church when I was a teen. For several months I tried to sing like her. My mother and those in the youth choir were very happy when I gave that up! :-)
In fact, on one of my posts re: senior relationships, I featured her video "One Hello".

"Thanx for stoppin' in Sis Carolyn, come back anytime!"

Oh..I'll be back. I'm intrigued by some of the post titles in your archives!


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