Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ruminations -- from the ridiculous to the sublime

First, a bit of the ridiculous (there was plenty more, just not enough space!):

I'd intended to post the entire, C-Span video of Hillary finally testifying on Benghazi (four months after she was supposed to), but after watching it myself, I thought it best to neither inundate, nor insult you with that pack of pat-myself-on-the-back, regime-changing, crocodile tear-filled, imperialist lies.  If you've got a couple hours to waste however, just go to the link.

Her mysteriously unwitnessed, after-the-fact reported, yet timely fainting from dehydration -- right before she was due to testify -- remains suspect in my estimation. Sure, since many of us "old gray mares" ain't what we used to be (present company included!) -- it could have happened.  I simply don't believe it did. Too convenient.

After the Changeling shoved Susan Rice under the bus into the spotlight, with that bullshit, "anti-Muslim video" causing the attack on the consulate in "Benghazi" story (Benghazi in quotes here because there was certainly nothing ambassadorial going on there, particularly since the embassy is in Tripoli), they realized they'd wholly underestimated the nitwit Republicans and had to do an, I'm sure, Bill-Hill-Changeling scramble for a better cover story of this administration's colossal screw-up in which those four people died -- particularly since, On the day of his death, US ambassador to Libya warned that he was in danger:
Hours before US Ambassador Christopher Stevens died in a terrorist attack in Libya, he sent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a cable warning that local militias were threatening to take away security officers guarding the US diplomats. (emphasis mine)
You can read the cable, embedded as "the memo," in this piece on the very telling testimony of the "Four Goats Stooges" (three of whom, were put on administrative leave, but are still on the State Dept. payroll and the fourth, basically shifting to another desk):  Benghazi attack testimony claims state department ignored warnings.

This particular exchange just chapped my ass:

With all due respect the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because there was a protest or was it because there were guys who went out for a walk one night who decided they would kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?! (emphasis hers)
With absolutely NO respect intended Hill -- the difference it makes, is that YOU, and pretty much, the rest of the Changeling's administration are bald-faced LIARS in the service of neocolonialism -- and rather callously, inept ones at that!  But we already knownone of you mind having other people's blood on your hands.  Real "Change We Can Believe In." {smdh}


Gen. Stanley McChrystal: Afghans Are Like Teenagers, We Have 'Emotional Responsibility' to Continue Occupation -- McChrystal: 'I would certainly like to see American businesses in Afghanistan'
"Like a teenager, you really don’t want your parents hanging around you, but ... you like to know if things go bad, they’re going to help," he said.

"We have an emotional responsibility" to leave US occupying forces in Afghanistan, he told AP... As for drones, their real problem, he told Reuters on Monday, is not civilian casualties but one of perceptions.

"What scares me about drone strikes is how they are perceived around the world," he said.

They foster a "perception of American arrogance that says, 'Well we can fly where we want, we can shoot where we want, because we can.'"
Really??  Can somebody tell him, the Afghan people are neither his, nor America's damned children! They are a people whose history has endured way longer than this nascent, upstart nation has even been in existence! And rather than all the murders visited upon the people by BeelzObama's drone strikes -- all he's concerned about, is how arrogantly America is perceived in the world?  Too late for that Stanley. And this is what he'll be teaching your privileged little darlings at Yale. {smmfh} Again, real "Change We Can Believe In."

This fool, is the poster-child for Rudyard Kipling's, "White Man's Burden" -- a snippet of which, was quoted in the comments section of the McChrystal piece (you can read it in its entirety at the link, because I'm not posting it here.  Hell, we already get more than enough of this foolishness from the living imperialists with whom we have to deal on the regular!).

There were many replies to Kipling's, written White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy from both Black and white folk, but the commenter's snippet sent me looking for Virgin Island-born, Black Nationalist, Hubert Harrison's, phenomenally poetic reply -- and I found it:

Hubert Harrison - from “When Africa Awakes” (New York, 1920)

Take up the Black Man’s burden--

Send forth the worst ye breed,

And bind our sons in shackles

To serve your selfish greed;

To wait in heavy harness

Be-devilled and beguiled

Until the Fates remove you

From a world you have defiled.

Take up the black Man’s burden---

Your lies may still abide

To veil the threat of terror

And check our racial pride;

Your cannon, church and courthouse

May still our sons constrain

To seek the white man’s profit

And work the white man’s gain.

Take up the Black Man’s burden---

Reach out and hog the earth,

And leave your workers hungry

In the country of their birth;

Then, when your goal is nearest,

The end for which you fought

Watch other’s trained efficiency

Bring all your hope to naught.

Take up the Black Man’s burden---

Reduce their chiefs and kings

To toil of serf and sweeper

The lot of common things:

Sodden their soil with slaughter,

Ravish their lands with lead;

Go, sign them with your living

And seal them with your dead.

Take up the Black Man’s burden---

And reap your old reward;

The curse of those ye cozen,

The hate of those ye barred

From your Canadian cities

And your Australian ports;

And when they ask for meat and drink

Go, girdle them with forts.

Take up the Black Man’s burden---

Ye cannot stoop to less.

Will not your fraud of "freedom"

Still cloak your greediness?

But, by the gods ye worship,

And by the deeds ye do,

These silent, sullen peoples

Shall weigh your gods and you.

Take up the Black Man’s burden---

Until the tale is told,

Until the balances of hate

Bear down the beam of gold.

And while ye wait remember

The justice, though delayed

Will hold you as her debtor

Till the Black Man’s debt is paid.

Today's Black mis-leadership class, top to bottom, pales in comparison to men like this!


And now, a little bit of "19 year-old" sublime:

Nineteen years-old -- 19!!  Led by the courage of her convictions, she, unlike most of our old asses, has not swallowed her tongue on this country's warmongering!


This story from Your Black World, about another 19 year-old with the courage of her convictions makes my heart full:  19-Yr Old American Gives Serena Williams Her First Loss in Months. Now don't get it twisted -- it in no way surprises me. Rather, it's just another example (and more confirmation) of that, which I already know we are capable!

Stephens said that she looked up to Williams and went straight to her phone to check for a text message from her grandmother.

...Stephens said that she had a picture of Williams up on her wall when she was a little girl. She was in tears after her big performance.

“This is so crazy. Oh my goodness,” she said. “I think I’ll put a poster of myself (up) now.”

Williams mentioned that she was having back problems, but didn’t consider that to be her excuse for not winning.

“Everyone at this stage in the locker room has something wrong with them. It’s no excuse,” she said. (emphasis mine)

Two young, extremely talented Black women squared off and, IMHO, they both "won" -- one with a healthy dose of respect and confidence, and the other -- with grace.

- Hubert Harrison: The Voice of Harlem Radicalism, 1883-1918 (Google Books has a great excerpt!)
-US Regime Change: “We initiate Terrorism to create Terrorists to Overthrow Governments”


Amenta said...

LOL...sorry BeelzObama was here...Still nice though.


Amenta said...

I think all these people know whats up. Surely Hillary bumped her head to give her team time to "craft" her story. Susan Rice knew she was going to be the sacrifice for BeelzObama's story. And I think the whole Benghazi thing was set up from the beginning. What people in charge of security would allow the Libyan security forces to protect a U.S. Embassy in the middle of an Islamic country during such upheaval????
Only the blind worshippers will believe this whole thing.


Deb said...

Amenta...No problem, it applies wherever!

"What people in charge of security would allow the Libyan security forces to protect a U.S. Embassy in the middle of an Islamic country during such upheaval????
Only the blind worshippers will believe this whole thing. "

No shit!! And since it wasn't the embassy but really a CIA site, sounds like Stevens and those other folks were summarily sacrificed, no? (Rumor has it, Gen. Ham @ AFRICOM had a strike team all set to go to their aid, but was told not to -- by the Changeling and Hill. All I know is, he's no longer the HPMIC there now.)

Anonymous said...

Gen. Ham @ AFRICOM---

See when you think shit is random and then u see THIS!! Ham=Africom, you can't make this up..but THEY can & DO shit like this and people still think most of what happens on the world stage is co-incidental or random. I no longer believe in co-incidences, especially not when it comes to the machinations of global white supremacy.

Deb said...

Anon (care to uncloak? I like calling folk by their name, or at least one they chose to give me! :-D)

"See when you think shit is random and then u see THIS!! Ham=Africom...>"

As I think I told Amenta somewhere, I'm in an agnostic place right now, but I do remember my Black Southern Baptist/Catholic upbringing. That said, I just got your connection!

Gen. Ham, however, is a white guy -- that's not to say that, psychologically, his name does not engender and reinforce its biblical significance to the many Africans who adhere to Christianity. I'm with you, I no longer believe in coincidences either. As a matter of fact, here in the "Belly of the Beast" they are, in 2013! -- still reinforcing "Ham": http://www.yourblackworld.net/2013/01/black-news/texas-schools-are-teaching-kids-that-blacks-are-descended-from-ham-in-the-bible/

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