Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The "History of Iniquity"...

Though James Byrd's killer was executed in late 2011 for his brutal dragging death behind a pick-up truck in 1998, the legacy of white supremacist hate behind the wheel endures -- as the faces of the perpetrators get younger and youngerAnthony Hill in June 2010James Craig Anderson in June 2011 and most recently, Johnny Lee Butts in July 2012.

The local District Attorney's comments at the 6:20 click, made me think of a recent discussion I had with a young brother about, depending on "the courts,"as a means for us to see justice served.  I told him:
"Does it work? Yes, sometimes it does -- but wa-a-ay less than it doesn't. Can it work more? Absolutely! But that depends again, on KNOWING that crooked system and using what we KNOW to fight against the injustices built into it! But trust me, there are plenty of us who are lawyers, more than willing to buy into that system for them "dollar, dollar bills," instead of, fighting its injustice (Exhibit A? The Changeling)!"
And as noted toward the end of the video -- there are probably more attempts, and successes than we can imagine. As I told my young brother in another, earlier conversation, I'm squarely in Lauryn Hill's "court" when it comes to the judicial system in this country:

I'm convinced she's onto something very important to consider, as she beautifully follows-up at the end of the above, with this:

(My young Sister, I hope you're still writing powerful words like those above -- because Lord knows, I miss you!)

- Kentucky neo-Nazis charged in gruesome murder, dismemberment


Amenta said...

I think she is so right and these songs were some of her best ever, way past the Mis-Education...

I think she attempted to get out. She was either mis-led or mis-informed and ran afoul of the IRS this past year. I don't know if she got any jail time but was threatned with it. We should get out I so agree.


Deb said...

Amenta..I'd read about her IRS problems awhile back and I'd venture a guess it was a little of both. She was charged, arrested, and if I'm not mistaken, remains out on bail while she arranges to make payment of the back taxes. Found this statement on her Tumblr from earlier this year on her reasons for the tax evasion and later withdrawal from performing:

Just an aside -- me the husband and sons saw her here, IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST, no less, at an outdoor concert in late 2010 I think it was. She was fantastic!).

"We should get out I so agree."

It no doubt requires a paradigm shift, but it's slowly getting easier for me to do just that as time goes on. As Sis. Affiong said back in that video, "It begins in the mind!"

I've found the transition painstaking, mainly because it's difficult to find folk who want to, as Baldwin said, "Do your first works over," examining where you've been and why, then figure out how to go forward better. It turns out to be (and probably rightfully so) a rather solitary endeavor. But, I've found I'm able to "recognize" so much more than I ever have before! Still a work in progress, but for me, well worth the attempt.

Peace back atcha...

Amenta said...

Truly a solitary endeavor even those that appear to be conscious and awake may not be...I find more like minds here (unfortunatley) that in the flesh. This is always a work in progress, difficult but fulfilling. Give me your thoughts on this trailor. Appears the movie would have come out in 2011, and the vid shows you can watch for free, but no one can find it.

What are your thoughts on this;

Deb said...

Amenta..."Give me your thoughts on this trailor. "

My thoughts are, that you and my Bro. nomad over at ironymous are way more familiar with this than I am and can probably conversate about it way more than you and I can. He wrote this earlier this week, check it out (there are some names that you'd passed onto me before included in his post): http://ironymous.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/the-satanic-cult-that-rules-the-world/

As I've said before, I'm fairly new to this critical thinking game. I'm doing all I can to learn as much as I can, in order to understand WTF is going on, as well as share what Iearn with some of those people you described above (appear to be conscious and awake). As with other subjects on your site, this neophyte's got a lot of catching up to do, but do check nomad out!


Amenta said...

Yes I will go and check him out. I saw the trailor and just thought it was another pink attempting to tell us how much we are slaves and how he has control to do these things to keep us as slaves. Funny how this movie can't be found anywhere. I don't think I would watch it any way.


Deb said...

Amenta..." Funny how this movie can't be found anywhere. I don't think I would watch it any way."

Yeah it is, and I don't know if I would either. Like I said, I'm trying my damnedest to understand WTF is going on, but years of catchin' up ain't easy!

Amenta said...

Yes, its a total mind re work. This then, of course, becomes an unending work in progress. Joy and pain all together.

Deb said...

Amenta...Yes it is -- over generations to come, no less! The hoodwinking and bamboozling has gone on for so long, and has been so thorough, "unending" is all it can be.

"Joy and pain all together."


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