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Preserving cultural identity in the face of institutionalized white supremacy: Another Home-going -- Pt. 1e -- And the mirror cracks

"Whatever you do in the dark, will come to light!"

My grandmother always used to say that when somebody had done something wrong and thought they'd gotten away with it.  When I clicked over to Indian Country Today Media Network this morning, I knew she was right.

(Photo courtesy of Facebook/Standing Our Ground for Veronica Brown)

The inimitable Suzette Brewer has done it again!  Her, Baby Veronica Case: Capobianco Expert Recants Damning Report on Father is explosive, Family.  Finally, the breadth and depth of the corruption and malfeasance in this case is slowly being exposed.

I don't know who contacted whom and it really doesn't matter.  It's been two years since Jan Hunt wrote the requested letter and since she said it was all handled anonymously, I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt.  She didn't have to say anything, ever.  She couldv'e kept her mouth shut and kept on doing what she does in Oregon -- but she didn't, she told the whole, ugly truth:
“He was a loser and a terrible person to the birth mother, that's how she presented it. [Prowell] told me [Dusten Brown's] family was out of their minds and that this poor adoptive couple [the Capobiancos] were being treated terribly,” says Hunt. “But she wouldn't give me any of the names, or the name of the attorney she was working with or even the name of the baby. And as I was working on my letter [regarding attachment], whenever I asked about the father, she said that he 'was out of the picture,' and that the only reason he was contesting the adoption was because his tribe had put him up to it. She said that his mother would probably be the one raising the child because he didn't really want her.”...

...“Jo Prowell said it was about money,” says Hunt. “And everything she said about the tribe was very negative. She said that the only motivation [the Cherokee Nation] had toward the child was money—that 'they get money for every tribal member they have.'”...(all emphasis mine)
The usual pattern of degradation exercised by white supremacists toward us, "Others" is very apparent in those emphasized parts above.  One can easily substitute Blacks or Latinos for the Native Americans about whom Prowell spoke and see that, not only do they use those exact same "conventional" beliefs that they've created about all of us, they continue to pass them down from generation to generation.  I mean it's 2013 and they're still singing that "same old song" because it suits their purposes.
...“She kept asking me to reorganize my paragraphs in a very specific way and was very persistent and demanding,” says Hunt. “I've written lots of letters to judges, but I was just so motivated to help this baby. My son and I were on vacation scanning and faxing the letter and she just kept changing it to the point where I thought it was really strange. No one had ever done that before.”...

...“I was duped and lied to,” says Hunt. “And I am shocked and angry to have learned the truth about this case. [Dusten Brown] had been lied to and tried since the child was born to reclaim her—not two years afterward, which is what I was told. And he's not some terrible ogre or deadbeat, as I had been led to believe, but a father sincerely trying to be with his daughter.”

Several weeks after Hunt had sent the final version of the letter to Prowell, she received an odd phone call.

“As soon as I picked up, she said, 'Don't say anything. You are not to talk to anybody but me. You cannot talk to anyone about this letter,'” says Hunt. “It was all very mysterious and very strange.”...

...“I literally felt ill when I realized who this letter was for,” says Hunt. “I never had any idea that Veronica was the child in the letter, I just knew it was a child in South Carolina. I have felt angry with myself for not pushing and asking more questions, but [Prowell] kept it from me for a reason. How could anybody think that taking this child from her biological father who obviously loves her very much is a good idea?”
Now this is -- or should be -- the most damning evidence against the Capobiancos, their lawyers, the adoption agency and the U.S. judicial system.  They are all complicit.  The "odd phone call" Ms. Hunt received was a veiled attempt at intimidation and I'm certain there are ways a good private investigator could track down its source.  Pity she didn't have it on tape.

As I've said several times, I'm no lawyer, but it seems Ms. Hunt's recantation alone should be grounds enough to halt any and all attempts to take this man's child away and nullify any agreement he might have signed during that private mediation.  The Capobiancos are not fit to be in this child's life -- at all.  Additionally, it should pave the way for a Department of Justice investigation into the entire case for civil rights violations at the very least and at most, prosecution and jail time.

I know we're all living in Bizarro World here in this country, but this case is an opportunity for all of us, "Others" in particular (our combined numbers are staggering!), in alliance with those alabaster brethren who've stood for what was right from the beginning -- to force the DOJ to do their damned job.  If we don't, it will continue, as it currently is, to yet another Native American child, taken from Oklahoma.  And wonder of wonders!  The Palmetto State, as well as the original adoption attorney for Matt and Melanie Capobianco are involved once again!  Come on Family, these people cannot continue to operate with impunity -- this child trafficking has got to end.

Continued: Preserving cultural identity in the face of institutionalized white supremacy: Another Home-going -- Pt. 1f -- Low people in high places

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