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Another Black tool lies us into war, only this one is a Nobel Peace Prize winning warmonger

Seems the American public hasn't learned a damned thing about being lied into war.  Remember when white supremacy put a Black face on that one too -- props and all?

Margaret Kimberley's Colin Powell Busted post over at Freedom Rider a couple days ago included a photo of a bust of Powell holding up that vial at the U.N. as he lied us into Iraq.  Stunning likeness, no?

(Photo courtesy Merrily Kerr, New York Art Tours)
I swear, tools will do anything to be in the spotlight.  Powell's lies, immortalized in bronze and concrete, will  forever be a reminder  of what falling for anything will do to you.  Not only will the Murder-in-Chief's homage be way grander than a bust once they're finished with him (Impeachment?  International War Crimes Tribunal? -- one can only hope),  it'll be fodder for "stupid Black people in power" jokes -- for years to come.

I've been sitting here shaking my head incredulously as I keep reading the same kind of bullshit the tools in the White House and the mainstream media served up to "we the people" in the run-up to the Iraq war.  This level of hubris is just unconscionable.  Do they think all of us are stupid enough to believe them -- again?  Or do they just not give a damn?  Don't bother answering, both questions were rhetorical.

I didn't believe them from the beginning and I sure don't believe them now.  Given the recently released declassified CIA documents showing how dirty their hands were during their "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" shenanigans during the Iraq/Iran War, coupled with the facts in this unsettling information, there's certainly no reason for anybody else to believe them either.

If there were chemical weapons used (and that's a huge "if"), I believe the West and Israel are involved in providing them to the rebels.  Why?  For one, this is what ole Pinnocchio said today:
“First of all, I didn’t set a red line. The world set a red line,” Obama said, despite his statement a year ago that President Bashar Assad would cross a “red line” with him if chemical weapons were deployed in Syria’s civil war.

“So when I said that my calculus would be altered by chemical weapons, which the overall consensus of humanity says is wrong — that’s not something I just made up. I didn’t pick it out of thin air,” Obama said. “My credibility is not on the line. The international community’s credibility is on the line, and America and Congress’s credibility’s on the line.” (emphasis mine)
If that's not Zionist-speak, harkening back to the days of the Jewish Holocaust when the world, the international community sat back and watched Hitler's massacre in Germany, I don't know what is (like the Zionists care more about the lives of those oft-labeled, "sand niggers" in Syria than they do their capitalist plundering of their land and resources -- What?  You know as well as I do that's what those of a decidedly alabaster hue call them, so quit playing).  I swear, Shirley Chisholm must be rolling over in her grave too as it is so very apparent this man is, unlike her -- definitely both "Bought" and "Bossed."  {smdh}

Anyway, there are a number of answers to that, "Why?" and greater minds than mine do a way better job of articulating the myriad of reasons than I ever possibly could.  So, here's Pepe Escobar, my favorite "roving correspondent" for Asia Times,  laying out some very compelling points on GRTV:

And here, he not only reiterates them, he shares his take on the Changeling's ass-backward foreign policy, with a few observations from Stephen Schlesinger on RT News:

Family, please stop letting the Changeling bamboozle you, sullying Dr. King's memory with the implication that he's some representation of anything for which he stood.  The only thing Dr. King had to say that even remotely describes this White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy's trojan horse is -- that he represents "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world."

Make no mistake people, Obama is no King (though in a weird, either Freudian-slip or just plain ignorant way, he's better described as the white folk's, "Joshua") -- as evidenced by the extremely huge chasm between his words and motivations for a strike on Syria, and these shared by Dr. King in his "Beyond Vietnam:  A Time to Break Silence" speech (posted in the sidebar -- if for nothing else but nostalgia's sake, do take the time to listen to it):
Now, it should be incandescently clear that no one who has any concern for the integrity and life of America today can ignore the present war. If America's soul becomes totally poisoned, part of the autopsy must read Vietnam. It can never be saved so long as it destroys the deepest hopes of men the world over. So it is that those of us who are yet determined that America will be are led down the path of protest and dissent, working for the health of our land.

As if the weight of such a commitment to the life and health of America were not enough, another burden of responsibility was placed upon me in 1964; and I cannot forget that the Nobel Prize for Peace was also a commission -- a commission to work harder than I had ever worked before for "the brotherhood of man." This is a calling that takes me beyond national allegiances, but even if it were not present I would yet have to live with the meaning of my commitment to the ministry of Jesus Christ. To me the relationship of this ministry to the making of peace is so obvious that I sometimes marvel at those who ask me why I am speaking against the war. Could it be that they do not know that the good news was meant for all men -- for Communist and capitalist, for their children and ours, for black and for white, for revolutionary and conservative? Have they forgotten that my ministry is in obedience to the one who loved his enemies so fully that he died for them? What then can I say to the "Vietcong" or to Castro or to Mao as a faithful minister of this one? Can I threaten them with death or must I not share with them my life? (emphasis mine)
Bet the Nobel Peace Prize Committee's feeling pre-t-t-t-y damned foolish right about now.  If they're not, they sure as hell should be!  Seems they not only erroneously thought all Black folks looked alike -- but thought alike as well. {smdh}

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Carolyn Moon said...

Deb, much of what you've written rings true. Colin Powell was left to swing in the wind although his close associates and friends, e.g., Bush(s) knew it was lie that he presented to the U.N.. I'm puzzled why Powell is still so dedicated to the GOP although he has recently asserted that they were treading in dangerous territory tampering and catering to the tea party fanatics and diluting or removing key sections of the voting act.

Your comments about Dr. King were thought provoking especially this passage:

"Family, please stop letting the Changeling bamboozle you, sullying Dr. King's memory with the implication that he's some representation of anything for which he stood. The only thing Dr. King had to say that even remotely describes this White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy's trojan horse is -- that he represents "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world."

Deb, Dr. King also said towards the end that:

"I’m afraid that we’re integrating into a burning house.’

Oh yes, Dr. King you were so right and to see how they've misrepresented him in so many ways is troubling!

Take care and continue speaking the truth as you see it.

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