Sunday, October 6, 2013

The white supremacy collective still imposing their hierarchy of human life after all these years

Update: (h/t Nomad @ ironymous) -- Miriam Carey EXECUTED after Baby Removed from car
Update: (h/t Nomad @ ironymous) -- Report: Miriam Carey was fleeing on foot when shot by police

I got nothing for Michael Savage, but I agree with him 100% here:


From this do-nothing Congress and puppet of a president, who are all literally playing games with the lives of those they claim to "represent," to their bought-and-paid-for media parrots and badge-wearing murderers -- I think it's safe to say, white supremacy, deciding whose life matters and whose does not, is enjoying their greatest heyday since Jim Crow.

I'm sure everyone's seen the video below with Tom Foreman's noxious, "tremendous amount of training actually, in that circumstance, for police to not fire sooner" commentary.

So Tom, let's just go back to that little scene you referenced from the 2:11 click on.  These Keystone Kops had the car surrounded with weapons drawn.  No matter where they were standing, they were close enough to clearly see that, not only was the driver an unarmed, Black woman  -- but that there was a child in the car!

And if, as you say, she was "truly using the car as a weapon" (same meme used when they murdered Sean Bell), rather than just trying to get the hell out of there -- how come she didn't just mow down ALL those fools who were standing right in front of her?

And tell me Tom, what tremendous amount of training did they have that taught them to fire off seven shots at a fleeing vehicle on a public street with pedestrians obviously present? And don't say there weren't any -- it was a pedestrian that shot this footage! Please, stop being so patriarchal, trying to frame this tragic incident for the "white gaze." Some of us can manage to think for ourselves you know!

Words matter, Family. And how they're used matters even more.  As you peruse the links here, I'm certain you'll see what I mean.

Oh and Tom, about that tremendous amount of training?  Guess we, the people will never really know how "tremendous" it is since according to this,  all the law enforcement folks involved have closed ranks -- letting their own foxes guard the henhouse {smdh}:
Brian Leary, a Secret Service spokesman, declined to provide a copy of his agency’s use-of-force or chase policies. Lt. Kimberly Schneider, a spokeswoman for the Capitol Police, did the same.

Leary and Schneider declined to comment on the incident at all, including whether their officers knew that Carey’s 1-year-old daughter was in the car when they fired into it, killing Carey. The toddler was unharmed and is in protective custody as authorities work with Carey’s family to properly place the girl.

The shooting is being investigated by the D.C. police department’s Internal Affairs Division. The Secret Service and Capitol Police will determine whether officers followed their departments’ use-of-force policies. The U.S. attorney’s office will decide whether the agents broke any laws, a D.C. police spokeswoman said.
Miriam Carey, shown in a photo from Facebook
When I read this stupid piece over at Roll Call, talking about how the Capitol Police were "protecting and serving without pay," I immediately uttered a few WTFs as I thought, "Protecting & Serving without pay??!!  How 'bout MURDERING an unarmed woman with her child in the car without pay??!!"

Disagree if you want, but I don't, for a second believe, this woman intended to deliberately breach any barriers with malicious intent toward the Changeling or Congress -- but it sure was Joseph Clifford Reel's intent in June of this year!  Family, the video at the link is a definite, must-see. I promise you, it leaves no doubt at all about his intent (not posting it here because that's exactly what he wanted).

Joseph Reel, 32, of Kettering
This 32 year-old white male, purposely rigged his Jeep to breach those same barriers Ms. Carey was accused of trying to breach on Thursday.  But,  unlike the nothing found in Ms. Carey's car, they found 100 rounds of live .45 caliber ammunition; 100 rounds of live .22 caliber ammunition; eight knives of various sizes; two machetes and one hand-held spotting scope, in his Jeep-- at the damned scene!!

And again, unlike in Ms. Carey's home, where they found a letter to her boyfriend which purportedly contained a white powder and discharge papers listing medication for treating schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and an anti-depressant -- when they searched HIS home, they found those items over there on the right, which included two handguns (a Glock and a Taurus); a baseball bat with spikes on the barrel; a sword; a spear; two ballistic vests; four hunting knives and a gas mask!

While Reel faces 10 years in jail and fines, at least he's alive -- and his now, seven or eight-month old son will one day get to know him.  Not so in either case, for Ms. Carey.

Over at OpEdNews, Rob Kall wrote the interesting and on-point, Another Murder by Police which raised questions that no one in the MSM even saw the need to ask as they blabbed on incessantly as if they actually had an original thought, ie:
...whether this was the right thing to do.
...who gave the orders to shoot to kill.
...what efforts were made to determine whether there were any other passengers, let alone a one year old child, in the car.
He made this very astute observation as well -- "Today we live in a police state, where the police, every day, get away with crimes, get away with killing people, usually poor, often black."

Truer words have never been spoken.

In a nutshell, Mr. Reel's white life merited a restrained response.  But, as usual, they decided -- after her car was stopped -- Ms. Carey's Black life did not. Tell me Family, what more will it take for us to recognize that, from top to bottom and from sea to shining sea -- we continue pledging allegiance to a nation run, and "protected" by murderers for whom the lives of "Others" are expendable?

- Shot Down Like a dog -- Why We Should Not Forget Miriam Carey
- As Police Tactics Questioned, 'Threat of Terrorism' and 9/11 used to justify Miriam Carey's Death
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- Source: Mental health paperwork found at home of Miriam Carey after Capitol chase
- Possible Clues in Fatal Chase, but No Motive
- Miriam Carey: Did the Capitol Hill Police Have to Kill Her?


RiPPa said...

Excellent post!!!!

Can I repost this o my blog as a guest post? This incident and what happened to Miriam Carey pisses me off. What makes me even angrier are the black folks who argue on the side os "white supremacy" by justifying her murder.

Deb said...

Thanks, Man. Repost away! :-)

"What makes me even angrier are the black folks who argue on the side os "white supremacy" by justifying her murder."

Me too. My people really need to scrape off those "Yassuh, Massa's always right" scales and critically think about what's happening to us in this country and the world. Makes it hard for many though since "Massa" now seems to be a society-identified Black man. (he ain't, but that was the best trick ever pulled!)

Carolyn Moon said...

Hi Deb,
I saw the footage several times and what struck me is that they were close enough to the car to see her daughter in there. How about shooting out the tires. I don't think she could have traveled very far at that point. They had no regard for her life or the baby inside the car.

If the child had been shot...I'm sure for many; that would have been justified as well. (smdh)

There was no justification for shooting into that car...PERIOD!

Deb said...

Hey Sis, good to see you!

Yes, they were definitely close enough to see that child, hence the title of the post about "the hierarchy of human life." They didn't damn care!

Many have said that shooting out the tires wouldn't have stopped the car. I don't know if I believe that, but hell -- shoot up the damned engine, surround the car with patrol cars and box her in -- something other than what they eventually did! Damn!!!

When the car finally stopped, it's said that she got out of the car (couldn't find any video of that) -- and they pumped 7-10 bullets in her. WTF!!

I don't care what anybody says, that's murder, pure and simple! Damned cowards!!

If that chid had been shot, I can hear right now,"Well she shouldn't have had her child in the car if she knew she was going to do that! Forget she had some serious mental shit going on! They don't think about that, because we must all be perfect like them!

"There was no justification for shooting into that car...PERIOD!"

I agree, Carolyn -- but they'll come up with some -- and plenty people will believe them. It's a sad, strange country we live in these days, Sister and it's only getting worse.

This murder really f*cked me up, I swear. I'm trying not to let it, but given my experiences here in the belly of the beast over the last four years, I know that fear is justified -- and often crippling.

I want to be free of their assess, I really, really do!

Carolyn Moon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carolyn Moon said...

Deb said...When the car finally stopped, it's said that she got out of the car (couldn't find any video of that) -- and they pumped 7-10 bullets in her. WTF!!

You know I wasn't clear on that for the news got kind of vague regarding the actual crash and of course no footage of that. I thought when they shot into the car--they got her then and she eventually crashed and died. Hell...I didn't know she actually got out of the car!!!

You know Sis, they are calling folks of our opinion race baiters and that this had nothing to do with the fact that she was black. I do know from footage and observing instances of cops pulling black women over and especially one incident that was caught on tape..that would challenge that perception. The sister did not stop in a timely manner on the highway and the patrolman lost his mind when he got to the door. Pulled her out and threw her on the ground and roughed her off..screaming obscenities. I don't think--hell-- I know if she had been white..he wouldn't roughed her up like that. I believe he finally lost his job behind the incident. His rage was so out of control, he forgot about the cam on his dashboard which recorded the whole thing.

@Deb.."This murder really f*cked me up, I swear. I'm trying not to let it, but given my experiences here in the belly of the beast over the last four years, I know that fear is justified -- and often crippling."

I hear you Sis; I'm still thinking about it and yes we need to be more vigilant and I don't believe neither one of us is suffering from paranoia!! Take care...

nomad said...

Yeah. What Carolyn said. This makes the murder even more heinous.

Washington - USA Today has reported that the unarmed, mentally disturbed woman shot last week in Washington, DC, had exited her car and was attempting to flee on foot when she was shot by police.

The newspaper stands alone in providing the critical detail of the woman's final moments, which are obscure in other major media reports.
The report states:
"The driver made her way onto Constitution Avenue before eventually stopping in the 100 blocks of Maryland Avenue NE, near the Hart Senate Office Building. Police then killed the driver after she got out of her vehicle and tried to flee."

Read more:

Deb said...

Carolyn...We're not race baiters and yes, I believe it happened because she was Black -- and got away from their silly asses the first time.

Of course, if the woman you're talking about had been white, he not only wouldn't have roughed her up, he wouldn't have even had her get out of the car! We're not paranoid, Sis -- we live in a police state where they have all the power. Those who've not had to deal with them up close and personal (particularly in black or brown skin) don't want to see it because they're scared as hell of folk they never even got to know as fellow human beings. {smdh}
Take care, Sis

Hey 'Mad! Hope you're feeling better. "Heinous" it was, Brother! And no-damned-body's doing a thing about it -- talkin' about she could've been a damned terrorist. {smmfh} Thanks for the link! I'm going to update my post with it because like Carolyn, I'm sure plenty of folks don't know that they murdered that young woman AFTER she'd gotten out of her car. I tell you, I just cannot believe it.

Take care of yourself, okay?

nomad said...

Deb, Did you see this?

nomad said...

Thanks for the shoutout. I did a post about this at the old Ironymous.blogspot. I'm starting to hang out there more, now that its functioning.

Deb said...

nomad...No I hadn't, Brother -- and I wish I hadn't. But thanks for the heads-up. I updated the post with it so those who might read, will be a mad as hayell as I damned am!

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