Monday, October 13, 2014

In honor of lying, murderous, thuggish, plundering, didn't-discover-a-damned thing Day...

I was re-reading Dr. John Henrik Clarke's, "Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust:  Slavery and the Rise of European Capitalism" and I remembered I'd saved a video a while ago, based almost word-for-word on it:

Now, while I highly suggest you read this little, 109-page primer for the many other book titles he references, I can certainly understand if you'd prefer to listen to his highly entertaining and thought-provoking oratory (I know I do!) -- so here you go:

Though I've not yet paid written homage to my brothers and sisters in Ferguson, Missouri here (for a variety of reasons into which I will go in my next post), I hope they'll accept for now, my deepest and sincerest Solidarity, Love and Respect for what they are continuing to do, not only in Michael Brown's name -- but in mine.

I am SO damned humbled and extremely proud, because they've proven they understand exactly what Dr. Clarke so eloquently states between the 23:09 to the 23:21 click above:
"And you keep approaching someone, thinking somebody, out of their goodness, gon' give up something they took from you.  They took it from you, you got to take it back."

Okay, just in case Dr. Clarke wasn't enough, easily verifiable truth for you -- stay with me.  As a matter of fact -- just sit back, relax and hold the hell on, because Dr. Ivan Van Sertima's, "They Came Before Columbus" lecture, based on his book of the same name follows.  It should, at the very least, send your non-critically thinking minds into a tizzy and, at most -- awaken a thirst for some knowledge, NOT of European, la-la-land making (Bro. Amenta, I see you noddin' your head sayin', "Damn Deb!  That's all I was tryin' to tell you! :-D).  Enjoy, Family:

- Columbus gets his comeuppance: Why his holiday is in deep jeopardy
- Before Columbus: How Africans Brought Civilization to America
- North America is a crime scene: The untold history of America this Columbus Day


Carolyn Moon said...

Greetings Sis Deb! I'm so glad that you've featured Dr. Clarke; who is one of my heroes. He was in the forefront of challenging and teaching European and global history and the impact on African peoples and Native Americans as well as other Europeans.

I can't see how any rational thinking person after listening to this can participate through academia, lip service and popular culture in maintaining the distorted versions we've been taught.

I wasn't that familiar with Dr.Sertima but I plan to study him further after your introduction. Appreciate it.

I trust that you are well these days and I'm also looking forward to your piece on Ferguson. It's a movement that can't be stopped for it symbolizes what's going on all over this country to people of color and the poor and marginalized.


Amenta said...

Yes you caught me noddin sister Deb.


Deb said...

Hey Family! -- don't know how I missed your comments here! Crazy home going is all I can say! :-D

Sis Carolyn...Hope you're doing a little better after the loss of your niece last month, Dear Heart.

Now you know how I love the non-nonsense Dr. Clarke!! Hell, had I gone to Hunter College in NY where he taught instead of my damned Alabama HBCU for undergrad, I would certainly not be struggling to catch up on either my critical thinking skills or US! Glad you liked Dr. Van Sertima. I found him through Dr. Clarke's writings (one of the most important reasons I love him so much -- he always sends you somewhere else to get some more knowledge! Enjoy that journey, I sure am!

"I can't see how any rational thinking person after listening to this can participate through academia, lip service and popular culture in maintaining the distorted versions we've been taught."

Sis, I promise you, there are plenty of folk (including the alleged, scholarly among US,), still doing ALL of the above!

I'm hanging in there, Sis. Still working on several drafts of posts and Ferguson is definitely on the list. I really, really hope these young folk don't get discouraged. They've already gone way further than most people expected and Lawd knows the media and the Ferguson PD along with their medical examiner have been leaking more than enough discouraging news about the grand jury possibly not indicting!

Peace right back atcha!

Amenta...Man, you were the FIRST person I thought of when I posted this!! :-D While I'm still holding fast to the path my genealogical trek has taken me so far, as long as I'm breathing -- I'm learning! Thank you so much for sharing your "each one, teach one knowledge," my Brother. We're ALL the better for it!


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