Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday today to my first-born, Gemini Son and Happy Belated to my Aries Baby

I'd begun a post in April for my Baby-boy, but as life continued to happen, it remained a draft.

Today, I honor both my beautiful sons on the 27th birthday of the oldest and the 24th birthday of the youngest - just passed (Spring and Summer are pretty busy around here!). I have so much faith in their promise!

I hope you both will always, always know the depth of my love for you!!!



Walter Brown said...


Thanks for the recent post.

Thought you might like to join our july disscussion.


Kitty Glendower said...

Happy Birthday to both sons. And a happy day for their ma-ma as well. A job well done I suspect.

Deb said...

kitty...Hey! Glad to see you poked your head out! :-)

Thanks for the happy wishes. The best I could do - the rest is up to them. Of course, whenever they call for my two-cents, I give 'em a $1! :-)

Deb said...

Brown...Hey, no problem! So did I miss graduation? Please tell the kids I asked about them.

The July discussion sounds great! I'm more than willing to share, listen and learn a new thing or two! :-) I'll get the book this weekend. I linked to your site today. It's important people know how you guys, along with the kids are making changes in this space we all share.

Talk to you in July!

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