Monday, June 23, 2008

New Orleans: The Canary in the mine

When the levees broke in New Orleans, the suffering was attributed to the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina. Everything, from God's wrath - payback for the host of iniquities in which its residents engaged, to civil engineering shortfalls, has been a reason for this unfathomable, American shame.

Either way, it's a damn shame. Americans, should be in uproar over this major, historical American city's demise (gentrification will take on a whole new meaning as money-grubbers snatch up the remaining real estate for profit or personal gain). But because of the reasons, alleged or real, New Orleans continues to suffer while the Midwest gets immediate attention. Can we say Katrina taught the government a thing or two? Probably. But I don't care. New Orleanians still need, they still have to get out of unsafe, unhealthy FEMA trailers - they still need to come home.

Amid the obvious, commerciality of the clip, the absence of neighbors in this community as the camera pans around is more telling than anything else.

We cannot continue to allow the fox guarding the hen house to dictate what's right or wrong with the hen house! An 8/29 Investigation is paramount!

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