Friday, June 20, 2008

"Obama 2 + 2 = 5 " - Gotta Love it!

Courtesy of Flineo. Pretty interesting don't you think?


Kitty Glendower said...

Have you read this yet?

Looks like sister is thrown under the bus.

There was another black woman, in Texas I believe that was man handled by Obama. Perhaps you remember her, she said she was being treated like a dishrag. Now Regina Thomas. O-M-G! I think I may have to dig down in my purse and break off a few dimes for Thomas.

Deb said...

Yeah, I linked it in my last post. He put Obama on blast so pointedly, "But it's critical to keep in mind that Obama is a politician and, like all people, is plagued by significant imperfections. He has largely entrenched himself in, and is dependent upon, the power structure he says he wants to undermine", I had to leave a comment! Putting the campaign's phone number for people to call and complain was great! By the comments, it seems many called, many are "disappointed" and the rest - well, what can I say? They'll support him no matter what.

I don't recall the woman in Texas, but I'm sure ANY Black person, particularly women, who didn't get behind him 100% in the primary will feel his wrath.

I just do not get how Black people can't see what's going on! He may well be worse than Shrub in the power-grabbing department!

Kitty Glendower said...

Yeah, I linked it in my last post.

Doh! It was probably from your blog how I got there! LOL! I told you I'm a flake. I'm going to go look for the woman in Texas. If I recall her first name was Roy or some other name often used for men.

Kitty Glendower said...

I'm need to start keeping track. Obama doesn't seem too keen on helping black women get ahead.

Deb said...

kitty...Man Glenn's just a little perturbed (as we all should be).

Read this link from today:

Deb said... the article. This is nothing nothing new for the man. This is how he gets what he wants. The Daleys have taught him well trust me. And it seems to me at least, they're full speed ahead with him to quell all the Black discontent in Chicago by backing his "Black" face that's bringing in all this dough(my peeps in Chi-town are none to happy with Barack backing Daley for yet another term for mayor since he's "fiddled while their city burns").

I'm sure that's why Obama moved some of the DNC OPS to Chicago - to be close to the politics he knows best. What a shit!

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