Friday, January 2, 2009

"I Hear You Knockin' But You Can't Come In!"

"You went away and left me long time ago and
Now you come back knockin' on my do'
I hear you knockin' but you can't come in
I hear you knockin', go back where you been"

Okay, so Fats Domino was singing about something else - but the first verse certainly works for this lunacy:

First of all, why did CBS splash that big blue "Corruption Scandal" banner across the screen as Burris got into his car? Why imply he's part of the corruption scandal even though, in this very clip, they said, "...since there's no evidence Burris did anything wrong, there is no taint?" Conflating the two visually will, no doubt, make it so - in the minds of many.
And another thing - why'd the media reach into their "angry Black man" trick bag on Burris? Every description of him, from them - is that he's "defiant," or he "defiantly...," or he "defied..." Why is the brother "DEFIANT??" Must be because he' didn't just shuffle on back to where he'd been, hollerin' over his shoulder, "Yassuh, ya'll sho' is right. I'se gwine now." Sure didn't take long for the media to revert to their Pre-"post-racial" bogeyman antics.
I'm telling you these people have lost their damn minds! What is this, high school? If Roland Burris shows up in Washington this week, the rest of "the class" plans to play, let's ostracize the new kid? Please watch CNN's, "What if Burris shows up?" video (I tried to embed it, but it's not working and I don't know why.) and tell me it doesn't sound like a bunch of kids. And what says the President-select? Well, no big surprise there.
Look, I know what Blagojevich is doing. It's part and parcel of those political games we, the people, tend to watch from the sidelines. But as it relates to Burris - it's the principle of the thing for me, along with a healthy dose of schadenfreude, I must admit. But seriously, here's a "qualified" Black man, a seasoned politician whose hands are clean as far as we know. Why that doesn't work for those Senate Dems is the real question we need to be asking.
And that, "He's a great kid, he just hangs around with the wrong crowd." is just not a good enough answer.
(Blagojevich - 2/Democratic leadership - 0)


ea said...

Does anyone know if gambling houses around the world are taking bets on who gets what seat or will Obama be sworn in or will the United States just burn their Constitution and be done with it?

Deb said...

ea...Sadly, I think the answer to all of that is "Probably so."

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