Friday, January 2, 2009

Puff, Puff, Pass - Caroline Kennedy's turn at the "Party" joint

As it was with the Changeling, the fix is already in. Whether he wants to or not, Gov. David Paterson will be appointing the Kennedy kid to finish Senator Clinton's term - regardless of how much hell people raise about Caroline Kennedy's lack of "experience" or how many times she says, "You know." Hell, none of them raised any questions about the Changeling's deficiencies, or how many times he said "Uh!" (Class, repeat after me - PA-TRI-AR-CHY)

This exchange last year between Mos Def, Dr. Cornel West and Bill Maher is a little long, but interesting. Mos makes a good point at the 9:13 click...

...and I agree with him completely. I'd just add that ANY political office, ANY top media position and ANY executive banking position - not just the presidency - is treated like a "party joint" within the institution of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

Nepotism is essential to keep the money and power in the hands of those who've always had it. Obama's selection changes nothing (They just allow him to play the game a little bit. You know, stuff like earmarks to the hospital that tripled MO's salary, or he and Jarrett's Grove Parc bonanza, or that sweet deal on the mansion?).

He's the perfect "two-fer" - as long as he doesn't step out of line. They believe his brown face will, at once, be the vehicle that allows them to maintain their kind of status quo, and repair America's image in the world. And with all this sui generis, "post-racial" nonsense, the media side of the afore-mentioned, unholy triumvirate is more than happy to do whatever they can to keep up the charade.

I really think they chose him because they saw in him, the budding of the same power-hungry, cutthroat greed and hubris they possess that has fueled their manipulation of the masses for all this time. Easier to control the puppet's strings when the joints are already oiled right? And it worked - beautifully! "All sheeple present and accounted for, Sir!"

Now comes the Princess of Camelot, poised to cash in her nepotism chips with the aid of Uncle Teddy, continuing to rage mightily against going "gentle into that good night." This is just more shining up shit and calling it gold folks.

Let's be clear. Gov. Paterson was appointed in the aftermath of Spitzer's dalliances. If he wants to keep his job next election - and I'm sure he does - he'll fall in line. He knows all too well, what will ensure he keeps it is not that pesky election by the people thing, but rather, those "Games Mother Never Taught You."

CORRECTION: ea..."Just a nitpick: Patterson was Lt. Gov. He is Governor now because of succession. I think that is right."
Si, está correcto. ¡Gracias Mujer! Nitpick away, it makes both of us better. And as a result, I read some more about Gov. Paterson. Now I'm pissed I may be right about this appointment!
  • "Elected to represent Harlem in the New York State Senate in 1985..."
  • "In 2002, David Paterson was elected minority leader of the New York State Senate, the first non-white legislative leader in New York’s history."
  • "And 2006 saw Mr. Paterson make history again by being elected New York’s first African-American lieutenant governor."
He's been elected a time or two. Shouldn't he have some political capital built up to say, "No" to this very wrong thing?


ea said...

Just a nitpick: Patterson was Lt. Gov. He is Governor now because of succession. I think that is right.

I hope he does NOT appoint Kennedy. He shouldn't have to fear re-election challenges, because anyone who wouldn't vote for him is just racist. And they hate blind people. I think that is how politics works now. Okay, I let a bit of snark slip in there. Maybe he'll show some Blog-like spine and tell the Kennedy clan to go jump in a lake.

Deb said...

ea...You are too funny! But sadly, I think it does work like that now. But this was interesting - til you get to the very last sentence! :-)

When he makes his decision, I'll make mine - about him.

Appreciate the heads-up! I put the correction at the end of the post.

Clifton said...

Hi Deb,
The answer is no he doesn't have any political capital because he's going against that Kennedy machine. Plus, she's friends with Obama and he delivered the holy grail for the Democrats so that is that.

I just wanna say that out of every blogger that I follow, you stayed consistent and never jumped on the bandwagon just because. I respect that.

Deb said...

Hey Clifton!!!
It's been a long time - for both of us! I agree with you for exactly the reasons you state. Sometimes I just wish though, that one of us who's "made it" would understand Martin's journey and his dream instead of just using it when it's to their benefit. I just want one of them to stand the hell up for what is right without fear of losing those things that matter least in the scheme of things. While I wish and wait - I do whatever I can.

Appreciate the respect, Man. I stopped jumping on bandwagons when I finally decided to figure out what I really think and feel and then respect that.

I wanted to feel it! I was mad that I didn't. But I knew I'd be lying - to me. I'm just going to keep watching and blogging the truth as I see it. And if I'm wrong, I'll blog about that too.

Really glad you dropped in!

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