Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Follow that money!!!

A commenter on the previous post with the Alex Jones documentary asked this about my posting it: "Really, why post this when it's implausible and steeped in conspiracy thought?" To which I replied: "I posted the video - sans commentary - not to be coy, but because: 1) I'd really like to know what people think and 2) I don't discount the validity of ALL of it (Call me a conspiracy-theorist-in-training if you like, I can take it.)! Okay, so the glass-tracking chip may be a little Manchurian Candidate-ish, but when it comes to the money thing, and the "installation" of the Changeling? I've been thinking about those things for a while now - long before Alex Jones and this documentary. And as we look at what is/has been happening, you have to admit that "following the money" definitely leads us to some really dark places." And then today, I read this on "Big AIG bonuses got nod from Fed." Particularly interesting in the piece were these little tidbits:
  • American International Group’s unpaid CEO Edward Liddy said the company’s board has been in close consultation with the Federal Reserve since November about whether to hand out the $165 million in bonuses it issued to its top employees last week...
  • “Am I to understand you’re saying that Chairman Bernanke or his designated person at the Federal Reserve was informed that you were going to make these payments and acquiesced in that decision?” A puzzled-looking Kanjorski said.
  • “Yes,” Liddy assured him. “Everything we do, we do in the partnership with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is at our board meetings, at our compensation committee meetings, at our various meetings on strategy. And they have the ability to weigh in either yea or nay on anything that we decide...”
  • The company works with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which was headed by Geithner before he took the helm at Treasury in January.
  • Liddy said he did not know if Geithner was involved in any of the meetings about the bonuses.
  • “We do not know a single thing of strategic importance without talking to the Federal Reserve,” Liddy said. “What we have assumed is that our discussions with the Federal Reserve were being properly communicated with others.”
Just because a thing seems "implausible and steeped in conspiracy thought," doesn't mean there's nothing to it. And what's even more interesting is that according to ABC News, just a day before Liddy's revelation, His Bilderbergness, Bernanke, in a letter to Sen. John Kerry said, "The Fed had "limited rights" in its oversight of AIG and was not in a position to review or approve all of the specific compensation or other expenditures" at the insurance company." (emphasis mine) I don't know who it is, but somebody is lying about all this. Geithner's appointment was immediately hinky to me, given his hand in this whole alleged mess(Come on! Bernanke said it could probably be over by the end of this year - even though he just said there would be "no quick recovery" back in October of 2008). And if this whole recession thing is not engineered, it definitely was at its worst on Geithner's watch as Fed-Head, working hand-in-hand with old buddies Paulson and Bernanke to hand over all that TARP cash remember? Then, add to that, his uh, tax issues and it makes no damn sense at all why he would have even been nominated - much less appointed - our head Dollar-bill guy. But he was. And the Changeling is right, he is the (installed) president of the United States - and he chose Geithner. And not only that, he's standing behind him as calls for Geithner's head spread in Congress - for right now anyway (anybody else smell exhaust fumes coming from that big old bus under which he is wont to toss those he no longer needs?). So, should anybody else be worried about having to squeeze under that bus? I don't know, but this, from a November 2008 Wall Street Journal article, is worth filing away until 2010, " Mr. Obama reshuffles the deck of national economic policy makers, Mr. Bernanke's fate is all of a sudden more obviously in play. Mr. Obama must decide next year whether to reappoint Mr. Bernanke. One of the president-elect's advisers -- Harvard University economist and former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers -- looms as a possible successor." Hm-m-m-m-m, Summers could be in line to head the Fed? Now didn't Alex Jones cover him in the documentary? If it quacks like a duck...


brotherkomrade said...

My responseto the question you posed in the comments of your last post. Just scroll down to the third paragraph begiing with, "Speaking of which..."
Sorry, I've been busy.

Short answer: Alex Jones is not presenting anything worth disproving. Bankers are bankers, capitalism is capitalism and what is left is the truth that they are not to be lived under. Overthrow them and shift the paradigm for something opposite. Good idea? Not original but it sure beats the so-called answer right now.

Have a nice day :-)

ea said...

If there could be a National Day of Disgust that people in the federal government would actually notice...

A tax boycott would be difficult because taxes are paid throughout the year. An election boycott could theoretically happen in which no one voted except the candidates themselves. Then all of the races would be tied. Then the decisions would be thrown to legislative bodies and sitting legislators would decide. No practical change there.

brotherkomrade said...

What exactly, is your point, ea?

You are proposing those changes, I'm not.

ea said...

I was not responding to your comment, brotherkomrade. Hello, BTW.

My point, rather question, is, How does one get one's elected representatives to act for the general welfare of the country and her or his constituents? Holding back money and votes--what they really care about?--appears impracticable.

Deb said... your response. Interesting you feel that you and The Field Negro, among others you mentioned (I mention Field because I used to follow his blog) are the only "serious thinkers and activists." It gives me a clearer perspective on your comments. But everyone has a right to their own opinion, a right which I respect and choose not to denigrate - whether I agree with them or not.

As I said before, I've no need to be "coy," nor was I speculating. I told you why I posted the video.

You don't know me brotheromrade. You know nothing about my activism or my intellect. I assure you there is plenty of both - which is why I have no need to make others feel bad or dumb so that I can feel good or smart. And why I don't run "ads" on my blog and why I could give two shits about "Best Blogger" awards or the validation of those who choose to read what I write.

I don't fear real truth, I live in it - every day. Just because it may not be yours matters not to me. I say "may" because frankly, some of your truths do mirror mine.

You said, "Bankers are bankers, capitalism is capitalism and what is left is the truth that they are not to be lived under. Overthrow them and shift the paradigm for something opposite. Good idea?"

Again, your opinion - with which, you maybe surprised to find - I agree. It is the best idea, though I don't see it happening any time soon. And the "O" man? Based on what he's been saying and doing from day one, he is neither a paradigm shift nor anything opposite of those whom you suggest be overthrown, IMHO.

brotherkomrade said...

"Based on what he's been saying and doing from day one, he is neither a paradigm shift nor anything opposite of those whom you suggest be overthrown, IMHO."

On that, I agree with you on, but he is not the end all or be all of all that is bad i what we've seen before in American presidents. I know the rock your church was built on was ALL HILARY, but guess what? She would have been no different, or in some cases, worse. She's a good friend of imperialism like all the rest - including Obama.

Deb said...

brotherkomrade...Good to see that you can admit we agree on something. But there you go again, I never said, he was the end all or be all of that is bad... - anywhere. What I did say is he is JUST A POLITICIAN LIKE ALL THE REST OF THEM, contrary to the lie he put out there about being different.

As I said in the previous comment, you don't know me. If you did, you would realize there is no veracity to your statement that, "...the rock your church was built on was ALL HILLARY..." Why would you think that, because I eventually chose to support her over him? Quite frankly, I voted for neither of them in the primary, but when it came down to the two of them, I chose what I believed to be the lesser of two evils as the other Democrats fell by the wayside. I voted for neither of them in the general, having changed my registration to Independent after the RBC held that sham of a hearing on the FL votes not counting.

You're not telling me anything I don't know brotherkomrade. As a matter of fact, take a minute to read this post I wrote back in April about exactly that:

And as I said above, I voted for neither of them in the primary - I voted Green (not McCain)in protest. This post in November pretty much sums up why:

When you get a minute, read them if you really care to know anything about me. And if you don't care to know, that's fine - but please stop acting like you do.

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