Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Obama Deception - Conspiracy Theory or Truth?

What do you think?


brotherkomrade said...

I know that Alex Jones is a Right-winger and conspiracy nut and you are the third black blogger who opposes Obama yet feels compelled to "throw out theory" (coyly, I might add) as if to say you don't believe it, but....

Really, why post this when it implausible and steeped in conspiracy thought?

A right-wing hack and self-hater like Cinie I can see, a right-winger like Alex Jones and Conservative Black Woman I can see as well (

But you too? Really, Deb!

Deb said...

brotherkomrade...Hey! Thanx for dropping in - even if it's to lay a little, "Et tu, Brute?" on me! :-)

I too, am aware that Alex Jones is way out there on a lot of things (I lived in TX, "Wingnut Heaven") for 7 yrs! That said however, must we throw the baby out with the bath water?

I posted the video - sans commentary - not to be coy, but because: 1) I'd really like to know what people think and 2) I don't discount the validity of ALL of it (Call me a conspiracy-theorist-in-training if you like, I can take it.)!

Okay, so the glass-tracking chip may be a little Manchurian Candidate-ish, but when it comes to the money thing, and the "installation" of the Changeling? I've been thinking about those things for a while now - long before Alex Jones and this documentary. And as we look at what is/has been happening, you have to admit that "following the money" definitely leads us to some really dark places.

If you believe it is implausible and steeped in conspiracy thought, then share brotherkomrade. Isn't that part of what the blogoshpere is about? I'm always willing to listen to varying points of view, you know that.

ea said...

I haven't seen the video clip, but I'll just put this out here:

Think of the boy who cried wolf parable. Eventually, the boy told the truth. He was out of luck by then, but he told the truth. Also, in law, there is something called an ad hominem argument. That is basically an attempt to take down the person instead of the person's argument.


Referring to your capitalism post--what position would you choose in a debate on the statement, "The United States of America would not have become a capitalist power without slavery."?

Paz, hermanos.

Deb said...

ea...I get the boy who cried wolf analogy I think (Alex Jones being the boy, no?).

I think the U.S. would still have become a capitalist power without enslaving Africans. They probably would have just found another group to do their heavy lifting, though I do wonder why they chose to go the quasi-internment camp route for Native Americans. Any thoughts?

ea said...

Hey, Deb!

Yes, Mr. Jones is the wolf-calling boy.

I think the difference in how white Europeans "handled" the First Peoples and Africans, has to do with who was here first. The Europeans stole the Native Americans' land from the people; they had to have somewhere to put the people they robbed. Then, having the land, the Europeans stole the African people from their African land to work on the stolen land.

Cheap land AND cheap labor--can't beat that!

Deb said...

"Cheap land AND cheap labor--can't beat that!

No shit!!

Jay said...

Chose Africans instead of Native Americans because the Native Americans would escape and know what to do and where to go thus making recovery more difficult...

Deb said...

Hey Jay - and welcome! Good point, but there were some Africans who figured it out.

Hell, they were "chosen" on the auction block because their climate so mirrored that of the South along with their skill in cultivating land (which made whites quite wealthy - think "Cotton, the fabric of our lives" and Uncle Ben's)! But there were times when they escaped and - joined up with - the Native Americans!:

But then, the "common enemy" got smart and worked their "divide and conquer" hoodoo on everybody and the rest, as they say - is history.

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