Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter - for some

It's been less than a month since I explained why the Changeling's little Special Olympics tête–à–tête with Jay Leno ticked me off. Today, I'm just shaking my my damn head as I read this link about my sister-in-law that my husband emailed to me: "Wheelchair-Accessible Van Stolen From Driveway" . "I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that somebody on Easter morning stole a family's only way to transport their disabled child," my niece says in the piece. "It's unbelievable that somebody did this." No it's not Care - not these days. At 8:16 p.m., I received this family "Call to Arms" from my other sister-in-law in New York :

FAMILY ITS TIME TO UNITE:::: This clip was sent to me by Joyce. Listen, about halfway through, the radio station is speaking about the the theft of her van. Just listen to what some, and I will use the word, "jackass" had to say. I wrote in to the radio station on their website - and told them just what I thought about what they said. I think we all should write in on behalf of our "family." What this guy said was totally uncalled for and I am totally, to put it in a nice way, upset - AW SHUCKS, I'M PISSED!!! I think they need to hear from all of us. What do you say? WRITE IN FOR JOYCE. NO ONE TALKS ABOUT OUR FAMILY THAT WAY!! Hi and love to all, Janice

Here's the KQRS radio podcast: - move the little ball to the center to hear why Jan was moved to "profanity" - (AW SHUCKS, I'M PISSED???). She just cracks me the hell up every time she tries to be profane, but I digress. We wrote, and I said:

Your radio station did a good and helpful thing airing the story about my sister-in-law's stolen, wheelchair-accessible van. Too bad you didn't just leave it at that. I could think of a couple reasons why you all would throw out your unsubstantiated vitriol, insinuating that she somehow had the van stolen. But if I did, I'd be speculating - just like all of you. And I'm a better person than that. Pity you weren't. I can, however, tell you that Joyce, someone whose circumstances would make the best of us throw up our hands in despair, is a way better human being than the lot of you. But when you get paid to be obnoxiously cruel, I guess being a better human being falls way down at the bottom of your "Things to Do" list. What passes for radio commentary these days is astounding. You, like many others, use the airways to rip apart people you don't know, have never met nor have ever seen (I wonder, were you watching the WCCO piece or was that just audio on which you were commenting?), making slanderous insinuations about a situation of which you have even less knowledge than the police. And then - you just let it hang out there in the ether. For what? Sport? Ratings? Or is it because you're just miserably insensitive human beings devoid of any semblance of compassion? Must suck to be you. This, on the heels of the president's Leno appearance "impressing" us all with his callous Special Olympics "tee-hee" (made worse by his impression of what a "Water Head" dog would look like walking around), definitely leads me to believe there are several villages missing their idiots. Yeah, I know. I can just hear you now with the, "Lighten up already!" And you know, I would - if that wasn't already the problem. Too many people take too many things too lightly these days with little or no thought about how it affects others. We've become a society of snippets and sound bites and "just jokes," with no context or regard for the consequences of ill-advised actions. In our supposed civilized society, that's some sad, sad commentary. Just a thought here, but why not be bigger men and apologize to the family for not waiting for more facts before spewing forth. Keep in mind, Karma's a b*tch.

There are days I'm just really tired of people.

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