Sunday, April 5, 2009

Parade of pointy-hatted, post-racial peeps?

"Some people want to know that part of their history... but it's degrading to others," says one parent from Manassas City's Osbourn High School in Virginia.
The headline - "Hooded Peeps Piss Off Parents" - immediately caught my eye because "piss off" just doesn't sound very "mainstream media," if you know what I mean. I thought it had to be someone's snarky blog post about kids in hoodies. That is, until I clicked it and saw the NBC peacock's multi-colored tail feathers in the left-hand corner - and the picture.
I said, "My, my, my! And right before the first, African-American Easter Egg Roll at the White House. Somebody's trying to make a point." But who?
Depicting a Ku Klux Klan march on Washington, the display is part of a high school history project according to the article. It doesn't identify the creator, so I'm not sure what point he/she is trying to make - other than the fact that Klan marches were, indeed, a part of America's history.
The parent's comment though, is very telling, epitomizing the feelings with which many Blacks and whites are wrestling in this alleged, post-racial age of Obama. Obots no doubt, will see it as some kind of veiled threat, wrapped in disrespect. Maybe it is or maybe it's not.
Others may see it as a youngster, emboldened by the brown face in theBig House, summoning up the courage to tell his/her own truth about that ugly side of this country's history.
Still, others may see in it an opportunity to purge long-held beliefs. A cleansing, as it were - much like Elwin Hope Wilson of Rock Hill, South Carolina who, at 72 years old, is on a quest to "get right with God" before Judgement Day, by apologizing to as many Black people as he can.
Whatever the point, it has at least gotten parents and kids at Osbourn High purposefully talking about race. And that's a good thing. I don't care how many lofty oratories come seeping out of the Big House, we will never truly become a post-racial nation unless and until this type of dialogue occurs - and continues.


ea said...

Are they really going to allow colored eggs on the White House lawn?

ea said...

Okay, something serious.

I agree that people should not be afraid of the conversations--including having a serious national discussion about reparations.

Deb said...

ea...¡Mujer, usted está demasiado loca!

I don't see how they could not! Hiding a lot of white eggs would be counter-productive - too easy to find.

But look for the Obots to yell "Racism" if anybody actually calls them "colored eggs."

Deb said...

Oh, I'd put money on the fact that a national discussion on reparations WILL NOT be had!!!

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