Saturday, October 30, 2010

All in what game???

I purposely omitted this last - "What the hell are you talking about Earl?!" - from the previous post. It was directed toward all the broken promises the Changeling made to the Latino community as he bellowed his co-opted, “¡Sí, se puede!” from both the campaign trail and the Big House. They were so numerous, and so blatantly flaunted, I had to stop, take a breath and gather myself before I wrote another word.

In the interim, I received two “new post” alerts from similar-but-different sources within hours of each other. One was Earl’s - Obama Plays the Race Card, and There's Nothing Wrong With That; the other was - News With Nezua Empire Games - MAJOR POWERS PLAY MAJOR GAMES (posted below).

While both were impassioned entreaties to their respective kinfolk about the Changeling, upcoming elections and the “games people play” - it was impossible to miss that they were clearly polar opposites in both their motivation and in their giving a shit about the whole of humanity.

As if in “response” to my “call” – Nezua posted his honest, enlightened and documented account, of exactly what I wanted to say. I knew I couldn’t say it any better, so I asked him to let me post it here, and he graciously consented:

I'm so proud of Nezua for standing up and saying, “No! Using us for votes – is NOT okay! Lying so you can “claim credit” – is NOT okay! And having the unmitigated gall to come back again, after screwing us over so brazenly - is certainly NOT okay!”

In solidarity, I too say - “This is not a game!”

As I told my friend Kitty in the comments a couple posts ago, “Latinos “don't need "aid." What they need – is a clear path to the same citizenship opportunity made available to the European immigrants who came here - and later became "white." Once they get that, no "Dream Act" - which would again, pit them against each other, and us - would be necessary.” And I stand by that statement.

Yet, even though the pain of Obama’s deception obviously cut very deeply, Nezua, in stark contrast to Earl, advised his “gente” - in truth, love and respect for their decision-making - to do what they believe is right for them - not the Changeling - in November. Imagine that!

Now my brother, Earl on the other hand, took a decidedly different tack in advising his kinfolk. As I read his above-linked post, I lost all the respect I was trying to have for this man.  All I could do was shake my damned head in disgust and say, "Man, you have no shame at all do you?”

Instead of presenting some useful, sensible, truthful analysis on which Black voters could rely to help make informed decisions next week, he chose to ratchet-up his speechifying instead - peppering it with the same fear, lies and disrespectful, parroted blather being spewed by the other side of the same coin:

The pitch to black voters is to get out in November and vote like your life depends on it. That means voting to save a slew of endangered Congressional Democrats. The stakes are well-known. A GOP grab of the House, even without the Senate, will almost certainly mean endless committee investigations of Obama administration actions, funding and appropriation stalls and sabotage, and a relentless no to every Obama initiative from energy to immigration reform. The escalation of congressional wars would be distracting, debilitating, and pose deep danger to Obama's reelection bid in 2012. (link mine)

  • “Yeah, Black folk, he’s coming back to USE you to help him keep those do-nothing clowns in office. And that’s okay.
  • Forget he’s given you nothing but his ass to kiss since he came begging and lying the first time. That’s okay too!
  • Forget you’re unemployed, or have been for some time, or still do not make a living wage. All okay.
  • Forget that your “American Dream” homes are being foreclosed upon as we speak, or you can barely pay your rent. Of course, that’s okay!
  • Forget he and his, continue to “play games” not only with your very lives, but with those of your children, by continuing to funnel Byrne Grant money to states, which then use it to hurt, not help our community - by funneling it to their respective agencies overseeing their prison industrial complexes. I’m sure that’s okay witcha!
  • As a matter of fact, forget ALL of their hypocrisy and just run on out there and Pull That Lever for whomever the “O” man says you should. There’s nothing wrong with that!

I swear I felt like I’d been transported to Bizarro World, with Earl blasting the Bizarro Code from his perch at HuffPo:
"Us do the opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is a big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!"
Why on earth should people be trying to “save a slew of endangered Democrats” who’ve not done one thing they’ve been saying they would do – for two administrations??  Personally, I welcome the “endless committee investigations of Obama administration actions and funding (seeing as over the last few years, they’ve raised enough money to feed, clothe and house a small nation for eternity!).” And since he’s not had an “initiative” worth two cents since his transcendance ascendance to the throne - to what exactly, will the Republicans say “No?”

When one cannot point to any substantive change in an existence, after throwing all that support behind a man who did his damndest to degrade them – when he wasn’t ignoring them, the time for “playing games” are over. It’s time now that we create a new reality for ourselves – one that reflects the love, power, humility, persistence, strength, knowledge and grace - that got us this far in the first place.

Sure, the Republicans, and their red-headed (no offense HT!), Tea Party step-children, are - without a doubt - the epitome of the White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy. With their privilege still very much intact, their racism is palpable and their fear-stoked, twisted lies are even more obvious than they’ve been in a very long time. But, so what! At least now you know exactly with whom you’re dealing!

And who, in their right mind, will stand with them in their overt hatred and spiteful bigotry toward their fellow countrymen that is sure to come? I say -no better way to find out than if their supposed Congressional take-over happens (now had the Changeling really been a “change agent” from the jump, we’d have all been well on our way to figuring that out by now! Just sayin’).

But rather than be afraid of their supposed, Congressional take-over (which I doubt will happen completely), I look forward to it. Why? Because I know they won’t be able to contain themselves - perhaps then, ushering in the “real revolution” this country sorely needs.

Politicians are always on the stroll for the next deep-pocketed John or Jane, willing to pay handsomely (both literally and figuratively) for their “favors.” Sadly, that's what democracy looks like in these United States. But trust me, there is something very wrong with joining that cabal of “the greedy-using-the-needy” for "sport" because, again – this is not a game. But if it were, just keep in mind - no team goes undefeated forever!


Sammy Jenkins said...

Where is the post? I see no text at all in my browser, or on my phone! Weird.

Deb said...

Hi Sammy Jenkins, and welcome! First of all, let me thank you for taking the time to read me - on your computer, your phone or wherever!

Secondly, I apologize for the hiccup, but I accidentally hit publish before I was done working through my thoughts on the post so I deleted the jumble that was there until I could get it finished. Hope you slide back by to read the finished product!

Sheria said...

Hi Deb,
Sorry but I fundamentally disagree with your assessment of President Obama's administration.

You write, Why on earth should people be trying to “save a slew of endangered Democrats” who’ve not done one thing they’ve been saying they would do – for two administrations?? Are you referring to the Clinton administration and the approximately 2 years that Obama has been in office? What about the intervening 8 years when GWB started two wars, took a surplus and turned it into a deficit, and before he left office set the bailout in motion? The jobs lost, the increase in unemployment, the deficit and the bailout were all George W. Bush's progeny, inherited by Obama.

Obama has accomplished more than any president has done in the first two years of office since FDR. He hasn't accomplished everything but do you really believe that it is possible to take a country on the edge of another great depression and turn it completely around and solve all of its financial woes in 22 months?

Latino immigrants are not the same as the folks who came here via Ellis Island, any more than black folks are. This country has a serious antipathy for people of color be they brown or black and most are convinced that everyone who speaks Spanish is undocumented. It takes different strategies to surmount the anti-immigrant fever that's currently feeding the country.

Refusing to vote for Democrats so that they won't take us for granted is truly biting off your nose to spite your face. Eight years of Republican rule created the current mess and now you want to put them back in charge because your feelings are hurt that when you say jump, Obama doesn't say, "How high?"

Sorry, but I don't find that very realistic or practical.

Deb said...

Sheria...(Pt. 1 cuz I'm long-winded!)

No problem! Disagreements are allowed - no required - if true dialogue is to occur, no? Where's the growing and stretching if one is surrounded by people with whom you always agree?

"Are you referring to the Clinton administration...and before he left office set the bailout in motion?"

No actually, we're talking about the same time frame since Dems held the majority in both the House & Senate during the 110th Congress under Shrub, and the current 111th during which they also have the presidency.

And if you check the voting record, you will find that Congressional Dems rubber-stamped plenty Repub craziness (including war!) during those 8 years of Shrub. Quiet-as-it's-kept, Shrub did not operate in a vacuum.

"The jobs lost, the increase in unemployment...were all George W. Bush's progeny, inherited by Obama."

All true enough (with the caveat of not operating in a vacuum of course!), but "inherited Bush progeny" or not, he asked for this job, nobody forced it on him. And no, I had no expectations of him at all after watching him on the campaign trail. However, I thought he just might attempt to keep some of the promises he made to so many people who did - particularly since he'd been on the inside of Congress looking out since 2004.

To your "solve all of its financial woes in 22 months" question - No, absolutely not. But signing on, to bail out crooked institutions, who HAD been crooked and REMAIN crooked - (ie. this foreclosure mess) with tax-payer money - when taxpayers themselves were in need of a bail-out, was not one of his brightest moments. Again, if you check the voting record on TARP - Repubs did not pass that in a vacuum. Dems were right there with them.

"Latino immigrants are not the same as the folks who came here via Ellis Island, any more than black folks are."

How so? There were no "white" folk coming here via Ellis Island. Hence the heinous, Micks, Dagos, Kikes, etc. that greeted them as they settled into tight-knit communities.

Deb said...

Sheria...(Pt. 2)

"This country has a serious antipathy for people of color be they brown or black and most are convinced that everyone who speaks Spanish is undocumented. It takes different strategies to surmount the anti-immigrant fever that's currently feeding the country."

But antipathy, and/or confusion about a person's immigration status doesn't anymore excuse what we're doing to the lives of fellow "human beings" who believe that plaque on the Statue of Liberty also applies to them - than it excuses slavery. I'm no "strategy" person. I prefer to do what's right (especially if you've given your word)- despite how hard it is, or seems. We've been supposedly trying to "surmount the anti-immigrant fever" in this country for some time now. But politics won't let that happen.

In S. Florida where I have lived off-and-on for a total of 11 years (still renting our home there now while living in the "belly of the beast"), Spanish-speaking Cubans however, are having no problems since the passage of The Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 (my then active-duty husband participated in the Mariel Boatlift in the Keys in 1980). Plenty politics involved there!

"Refusing to vote for Democrats so that they won't take us for granted is truly biting off your nose to spite your face."

No, voting for Democrats who keep peeing on my leg and tellin' me it's rain and/or shinin' up shit and callin' it gold - is biting off my nose to spite my face. Nowhere did I say I wanted to put Repubs back in charge. I want people in charge who have some faint memory of what "by the people, for the people and of the people" really means - no matter the party.

After being a Democrat since I cast my first official vote for Jimmy Carter - I am now an Independent who, from here on out will vote ONLY for candidates with a record of doing what they say - not strategies - from here on out. Viable or no, I can live with that, because I'll not be complicit in the wreaking of havoc the Dems & Repubs have had going on for years.

Nah, Sister - my feelings ain't hurt at all. As I said, after watching him work - I had no expectations of him at all! But I do find it pretty interesting, and somewhat hilarious when his handlers tell him to jump - and HE says, "How high." And then they leave him with egg on his face and holding the bag - because they can (noticing how they are all slowly slinking away "to pursue other interests" - halfway through his term? Not that a shake-up isn't needed at this point!).

To each his own. I don't find your support of him and the Dems very realistic or practical either - but it's yours to give.

Hope there are other issues we can discuss in the future - cuz I still bet we are more alike than we are different - though we are different - on this issue.

Have a great day!

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