Friday, November 5, 2010

Now that it's all over but the shoutin'...

...I'm gonna make this short.  Note to the Changeling-n-nem:  If you don't stand for something, you will fall - period! 

There were few surprises for me in these mid-term elections - but there were a couple.  First and foremost, my home state of South Carolina (one of the of the original 13s) - which propped Strom Thurmond up in Congress until he was a-damned-100(!) years old (those last couple years were pretty scary.  Watching him in Congress, I was convinced he'd already passed, but had somehow been dyed and shellacked (Let's be clear here - I mean a type of lacquer that becomes as hard as a shell.) to his seat in his Sunday-go-to-meetin' suit by some upstart mortician.) - "elected the first black Republican to Congress from the Deep South since Reconstruction."

County Councilman Scott - whose district had encompassed the Sea Islands, where the Gullah roots of my family lay; the city of Charleston, where I was born and raised; and North Charleston, where I've also lived on a few separate occasions - defeated the Shellacked One's SON in the June, GOP primary, paving the way for his victory on Tuesday!  As leery as I am of politicians in general, and Black Republicans in particular - I must admit a clearly discernible feeling of schadenfreude in that irony (What?  I keep tellin' ya'll I am human!).

Real Change? Or, more games? 

Though he can legitimately claim more in common with "the party of Lincoln and Frederick Douglass" - instead of just using it as a convenient stage prop and sound-bite, as the Changeling did during his, "I'm gonna run for president speech" on the steps of the Old State Capitol in Illinois - being a Carolina girl myself, I'd definitely choose the latter.
I don't know Mr. Scott, but according to three fellow councilmen in this piece that I do know, or know of  (and I am considering the sources) - it seems a toss-up as to what the Palmetto State will get, once Mr. Scott goes to Washington.

The other surprise?  That Sen. Harry Reid managed to hang onto his seat.  I guess I can partially understand the support from the Latino community, given they were literally voting for their lives and freedom from illegal arrests, after Harry played his games (I wonder why Charlie Christ's efforts to get Meek out in FL was a bigger story than what Harry was doing in Nevada?).

I do believe if the Tea Party's, Sharron Angle had been elected - she would have definitely posed a way more "clear and present danger" to their very existence in this country in the short-term, than Ole Harry probably has in his very, long-term.  We shall soon see what his brand of payback looks like.

I said I'd keep it short, and I am.  But as you consider the ramifications of the mid-terms, as well as the upcoming presidential election in two years, I ask you to also consider my sister's words below - for all our sakes:

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