Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Am I the only person blocked from logging in to Black Agenda Report??!!

Since I can find no way to login to my account in order to ask this question, I'm hoping SOMEONE (anyone!) can help me out.

I've been following Black Agenda Report ever since I found them some years ago - because they speak the kind of truth to power that needs to be spoken by Black folk.  Not until they were recently hacked, have I ever had a problem with logging in and commenting.

NOW, the site does not update on my "Blog List" in the sidebar, nor can I log in to comment.  When I try to, I get this message from Norton:

Severity:  High - "An intrusion attempt by was blocked."  The attacking computer is the aforementioned address, followed by - (,80) the Attacker URL is the aforementioned address/microworld/zo/radiobutton.

I've no idea what this is, or why it's happening.  All I know is, I'm pissed I cannot interact online with one of my favorite sites!  Has anyone else had this problem?


nomad said...

For some reason I have never been able to register there. I thought it was just my lack of skill with the internet. But yeah lately they don't update in my reader. I have to go to the site.

Deb said...

Hey Man! How are you? I see you're posting more regularly over at Ironymous. Good to see...

"I thought it was just my lack of skill with the internet."

Nah, I'm no computer wonk either - but I did figure out how to follow them before. I don't know what the hell is going on. I know they were hacked a couple weeks ago, but I thought it was fixed (the "Paranoid Polly" in me got to thinkin' that one of the Changeling's "faithful" was responsible - especially since the folks over there call it like it is on his ass!).

I moved two of their bloggers up to the Blog List since they ARE updating. Guess I'll just have to move the site down to My Lynx and check over there on Wednesdays when they publish. People get on my damned nerves!

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